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Dream Team : Alan Thompsett

My twin sons Lee and Michael (just about to turn 8 years old) have been collecting autographs at the Isle of Wight for the last 3 years - in all that time there have only been 2 riders who have refused to sign their programmes - the following riders have become heroes for my lads because they never refused an autograph and always took time out for the kids - they show the good side of our sport.


Craig Boyce
Always has time for the kids, a fantastic ambassador for the sport - and remembering who the boys supported (ArsenalFC)always went down well.

Ulrich Ostergaard
The most pleasant, polite rider in the sport. Fantastic with fans young and old - idolised by the boys (and their little brother Matthew)

Paul Cooper
Recognised the lads when he returned with Sheffield after they had given him a birthday card last season. Not many Sheffield Tigers are popular on the Island but Paul is a decent guy.

Adam Shields
Always happy to sign autographs and have a chat with the youngsters, even at the Brighton Bonanza when things didn't go too well a few years back. Really deserves to make it to the top in the sport (hope the injury isn't as bad as appears)

Shawn McConnell
Along with Bobby Schwartz - these 2 guys are a credit to the sport and their country - always a pleasure to meet at Brighton - and how the kids appreciate the high fives etc (also credit to young Chris Kerr who followed in their footsteps at Brighton this year - being good to the youngsters is noted and we will follow his debut season)

Craig Watson
Always happy to talk and spend time with the youngsters. Polite and professional - plus a blooming good rider

Jamie Courtney
Hounded by the lads whilst on the island - he made 2 young fans for life who will always follow his career. Always happy to chat and spend time with the boys.

Krister Marsh, Krystof Stojanowski, Danny Bird, Neil Collins, Steen Jensen, Tom Brown, Henning Bager, Matt Read and Chris Mills also deserve a mention for the time they spent chatting and signing autographs for the lads.


  • Harry Ward:

    "I always take an interest in dream teams and this weeks by Alan Thompsett is no exception. I find his team especially refreshing as the make up of the side are those riders who take time out for the supporters. From the distant terraces it always interests me when riders are seen to interact with the fans. Those riders who can't be bothered could learn a lot from the likes of Craig Boyce, Craig Watson etc. As a member of the paying public I expect and usually get entertainment but those riders who go the extra mile for the fans are worth their weight in gold. Brighton has become so special because of the relationship with such entertainers like Shawn McConnell and Bobby Schwartz. Long may it continue."

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