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The BLRC 1974
By Tracy Holmes

October 19 and the Belle Vue stage got rained on but not enough for any postponement. The home fans were delighted as their own Peter Collins swept all before him to take the Title unbeaten.

He was only outgated once and that was by Phil Crump in Round 3. Crumpy only had that lead for less than a lap before Collins swept around him.

Defender Ivan Mauger stayed on the podium despite dropping 3 points and then beating Phil Crump in the 2nd Place run-off. Ole Olsen had qualified but it was his turn to miss out through injury.

Also missing were the Swedes like Anders Michanek and Tommy Jansson who were banned from the British League that year. Just took a little sparkle out of the fireworks that night.


Heat 1. Kilby, Hunter, Ashby, N Boocock.
Heat 2. Collins, MAUGER, McMillan, Lovaas.
Heat 3. Louis, Boulger, Betts, E Boocock.
Heat 4. Valentine, Jessup, Crump, BRIGGS.
Heat 5. Collins, Louis, Valentine, Hunter.
Heat 6. McMillan, BRIGGS, E Boocock. Kilby fall
Heat 7. Crump, Ashby, Boulger, Lovaas.
Heat 8. Jessup, MAUGER, N Boocock, Betts.
Heat 9. Hunter, Boulger, Jessup, McMillan.
Heat 10. Collins, Crump, Betts. Kilby nf
Heat 11. MAUGER, Ashby, Louis. BRIGGS ef
Heat 12. E Boocock, Valentine, Lovaas, N Boocock.
Heat 13. BRIGGS, Hunter, Lovaas, Betts.
Heat 14. MAUGER, Valentine, Kilby. Boulger ef
Heat 15. Collins, Jessup, Ashby, E Boocock.
Heat 16. Crump, Louis, McMillan, N Boocock.
Heat 17. Crump, MAUGER, E Boocock, Hunter.
Heat 18. Louis, Jessup, Lovaas, Kilby.
Heat 19. Valentine, Ashby, McMillan, Betts.
Heat 20. Collins, BRIGGS, Boulger. N Boocock ef
Run-off for 2nd. MAUGER, Crump.


Peter Collins Belle Vue 15. IVAN MAUGER Exeter 12. Phil Crump Newport 12. John Louis Ipswich 11. Bob Valentine Sheffield 11. Dave Jessup Leicester 10. Martin Ashby Swindon 8. BARRY BRIGGS, Wimbledon 7. George Hunter Wolverhampton 7. Jim McMillan Hull 6. John Boulger Cradley Heath 6. Eric Boocock Halifax 5. Bob Kilby Oxford 4. Dag Lovaas Hackney 3. Terry Betts Kings Lynn 2. Nigel Boocock Coventry 1. Res Eric Broadbelt Poole dnr. Res Soren Sjosten Belle Vue dnr. Res Reider Eide Newport dnr. Ole Olsen Wolverhampton q inj ns.


This article was first published on 6th September 2020

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