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The BLRC 1984
By Tracy Holmes

Belle Vue, October 20 and Chris Morton fulfilled his childhood dream, my goodness, what a way to do it! Taking down the World Champion Erik Gundersen and World number 2 Hans Nielsen in a triple run-off. And this was despite going down to those two in Heat 6. But his other four wins, including a photo finish against Shawn Moran in Heat 16, showed his heavy metal and he watched as the Danes done their dinners. Nielsen to Gundersen as mentioned and then to Tommy Knudsen in Heat 10. While for the defender Gundersen, he was shocked into second by the hugely talented newcomer, Sam Ermolenko in Heat 11. But victory in Heat 20 would secure it, however, Shawn Moran saw to it, stunning Gundersen into second and setting up the run-off.

What an amazing climax! Gate 1 Gundersen. Gate 3 Nielsen and Gate 4 Morton. Under starter's orders and suddenly, Gundersen pushes the tapes and is instantly excluded. WOW!!! The re-run sees Morton blast from the outside and next to Peter Collins, there was never a more popular winner! What a year for the Belle Vue Mega Ace. World Pairs Champion with PC and now this. Peter Ravn had a great night, beaten only by the first three and Shawn Moran could also be fairly happy with his nights work. His time would surely come.

I have finished this series here because for me, this is where the magic ended. Most of my favourites had gone although Peter Collins and Chris Morton were not finished. In fact, the following year, Gundersen takes his second Title with PC 2nd and Morton 3rd! But the 80s were in full flight and it wasn't pretty. Not even vacant. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed a look at one of my all time favourite meetings and maybees had a laugh along the way. It's just a bit of fun. Terrah for a bit!


Heat 1. Nielsen, S Moran, Scarisbrick. Ermolenko fall.
Heat 2. C Morton, Ravn, Louis. Knudsen fall.
Heat 3. Sanders, Simmons, Campbell, Schwartz.
Heat 4. Gundersen, Andersson, Crump, Evitts.
Heat 5. Knudsen, Simmons, Crump, Scarisbrick.
Heat 6. Gundersen, Nielsen, C Morton. Schwartz ef
Heat 7. Ravn, Andersson, Ermolenko, Campbell.
Heat 8. Sanders, S Moran, Evitts, Louis.
Heat 9. C Morton, Evitts, Scarisbrick, Campbell.
Heat 10. Knudsen, Nielsen, Sanders, Andersson.
Heat 11. Ermolenko, Gundersen, Simmons. Louis nf
Heat 12. Ravn, S Moran, Crump, Schwartz.
Heat 13. Gundersen, Ravn, Scarisbrick, Hornby. Sanders ex/tapes
Heat 14. Nieslen, Crump, Campbell, Edwards. Louis ns
Heat 15. Knudsen, Schwartz, Evitts, Ermolenko.
Heat 16. C Morton, S Moran, Simmons, Andersson.
Heat 17. Schwartz, Andersson, Scarisbrick, Edwards. Louis ns
Heat 18. Nielsen, Ravn, Simmons, Evitts.
Heat 19. C Morton, Ermolenko, Sanders, Hornby. Crump ex/tapes
Heat 20. S Moran, Gundersen, Knudsen, Campbell.
1st place run-off. C Morton, Nielsen. Gundersen ex/tapes


Chris Morton Belle Vue 13. Hans Nielsen Oxford 13. Erik Gundersen Cradley Heath 13. Peter Ravn Wolverhampton 12. Shawn Moran Sheffield 11. Tommy Knudsen Coventry 10. Billy Sanders Ipswich 8. Malcolm Simmons Wimbledon 7. Sam Ermolenko Poole 6. Jan Andersson Reading 6. Bobby Schwartz Eastbourne 5. Phil Crump Swindon 5. Neil Evitts Halifax 4. Martin Scarisbrick Newcastle 4. Andy Campbell Exeter 2. John Louis Kings Lynn 1. Res Lee Edwards Belle Vue 0. Res Glen Hornby Belle Vue 0. Gary Guglielmi Coventry q ns. Andy Grahame Wolverhampton q ns. Joe Owen Newcastle q inj ns. Rod Hunter Newcastle q inj ns. DAVID BARGH Newcastle q inj ns. Eddie Ingels Newcastle q ns. Phil White Newcastle q ns.


This article was first published on 6th December 2020

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