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Dream Team : Barry Hilton

Have been watching speedway since 1977, when I went to Arlington for the first time at the age of 13. That season the Eastbourne Eagles won every home match that I saw them race in by quite a bit! They did the league and cup double and I was hooked! So my team has a very heavy Eastbourne influence!


Mark Loram
One of the riders that I would pay the admission money alone to see! Great great racer. You would always have hope that Mark could pull off a win, even if he was in 2nd or 3rd with a lap to go. It's a pity that major injuries have affected his career in the last few years. A brilliant rider for all of his teams, and Great Britain.

Kelly Moran
Again, another great racer! Had great skill for such a small bloke, could win races that you'd given up on! Probably could have been world champion, if he'd been that little more dedicated.

Simon Wigg
What can I say about Simon that probably already hasn't been said. A great motor cyclist on Shale, Grass, or mud. One of the ulimate professional riders, always turned out brilliant in his Green leathers, great with the fans, a real nice guy, and taken from us far too early IMHO.

Tony Rickardsson
Again turned the professional notch dial up to 10, when he arrived on the scene big-time in the last few years! A great talent who definitely deserved all the titles that he won in the sport, and his track record still stands at Arlington : - ( LOL Also, his wagon was sooo big that he turned up to Arlington in once, he had to park it outside the pits!

Pete Jarman
A great team captain and rider for the Eagles, with steady performances in the first season that I watched speedway. I didn't realise he was that old in '77, but he could often beat the youngsters!

Martin Dugard
Despite the fact that Arlington was effectively his back garden, Mr. Dugard proved he definitely had Speedway talent! "The Master of Arlington" kept banging in the maximums, and plus 10 scores on such a regular basis, that it only made the news when he didn't come 1st! And I really don't remember Martin coming 2nd/3rd or 4th very many times at all! My favourite memory of Martin didn't come at Arlington unfortunately! It came at Coventry when he won the British Grand-Prix as a wild-card. I wasn't there, but I watched on Sky and nearly went through the roof when he crossed the line in 1st.

Greg Hancock
"Herbie". Well what can you say about him. A great racer, always has a smile on his face, even when things have been against him, and one of the genuinely nice guys that you can meet at a speedway track. He always did well whenever he rode at Arlington.


David Norris
"Floppy" great team servant, a great trier in the last few years of his career, great entertainer, now great commentator. Won a Grand-Prix race at Cardiff!

Dean Barker
Again a great servant to the club, nice guy, unfortunately suffered too many injuries.

Future Dream Teamers:-

Nicky Pedersen
Typifies determination. Does not like to get beaten. A tough guy whenever he rode for the opposition! And a tough guy when he was Eagles captain as well.

Scott Nicholls
Have seen Scott muture from an eighteen-year old with talent to prove, into a rider who loves to race, and score big points. Looking forward to 2008 with Scott as Eastbourne's number 1!!

Eddie Kennett, Cameron Woodward, & Lewis Bridger
These three youngsters definitely have the talent to become great riders. Hopefully they will be the backbone of the team for the next five years, and win many trophies!

Danny Betson
I was hoping Danny was going to be Eastbourne's No.7 this year, but unfortunately another Saturday track had already signed him! He's graduated from the junior track at Arlington, and I would hope to see him in an Eagles' race-jacket in the very near future.

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  • Ann Sheridan:

    "Excellent, well written and very informative! Well done Barry!"

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