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Dream Team : Niall Strudwick

This is my dream test team for the USA. After watching past and present American riders take to the shale, this is my USA team.

Sigalos Moran

Bruce Penhall
Penhall is a rider I wish I was around to see ride. From the video's and dvd's of watching Bruce ride he was the Mr Nice guy of the Speedway world in the early eighties, a complete rider professional and paved the way for the future American�s took look up to and respect. The only American to win the world title twice and adding many other major honours in the stars and stripes colours. Penhall is one of my heroes and a rider I look up to.

Ricky Wells
Ricky is the next generation of Americans along with Chris Kerr and Kenny Ingalls to grace the British League. Even though he struggled at Coventry in his debut season over here, he has put that behind him to ride well for Stoke this season. Rick is one to watch for the future.

Dennis Sigalos
Siggy is another rider who I never saw ride in person but like Bruce I�ve seen a lot of footage of him through video's and dvd's, from what I�ve seen of Dennis he had the same talent and potential as Penhall to become World Champion and came close in his first World Final in Los Angles but unfortunately didn�t come close to the top 3 afterwards. But he makes the team because of how good he was in the test series and his consistently in the British League. Sigalos was a very good rider but didn�t seem to have a lot of luck.

Greg Hancock
I've seen Greg for so many years and I think he is one of the best Americans to ever grace the shale. As he keeps on riding in the Grand Prix and league racing at the age of 40 says it all. He's always been a kid at heart. Greg has been unlucky not to regain the World Championship unlike his mentor Penhall. Greg has done everything in World Speedway but he keeps on going. Who knows he still might sneak another World title and be the oldest man to win the title. I name Greg as the Captain of the team.

Bobby Schwartz
I've only ever seen Bobby ride in person at Brighton and I�ve been able to speak to him on those occasions, he seems a very nice person but a hard man to beat on the track. He never made a World Final but managed to win the World Pairs championship several times with different partners. He is like Greg and is still riding today and winning many meetings in the states. It's a shame he doesn�t make many trips over here to take part in meetings or guest of honour, but he makes the team because he is another great from the states and a true professional.

Kelly Moran
The most talented American Speedway rider of all time. The Jellyman Kelly Moran. A character on and off the track. With having met him once again at Brighton and managing to speak to him. Kelly was a nice person and really easy to get along with. But his racing seem to be amazing with brilliant balance, Kelly seemed to be the Peter Craven from the USA. But like so many bright Americans he never won the World Title. But for his talent, skill and character he makes the team any day of the week.

Sam Ermolenko
'Sudden' Sam Ermolenko is one of my close friends in the Speedway world. A very easy guy to work and get along with. Watching him ride proves that he was a great team man and a great individual rider. Sam's team riding was second to none with helping his team by slowing the race and his individual skills where so good to bring him the World Title to be the third person to win the World Title for the USA. But Sam has kept involved in the sport heavily with Sky and now the Leicester Lions. Sam is the all round Speedway man.

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This article was first published on 21st October 2010


  • Adrian Pavey:

    "Everyone a star and I'm lucky enough to have seen them all... There's something about American speedway riders that makes them stand out, both on and off track... spectacular, exciting and passionate on the track and very approachable and friendly off the track too. I'd also add Ron Preston for his smooth style, Scott Autrey for his incredible talent on 2 wheels and 4 wheels, Rick Miller, still working as a stuntman and John Cook for just being a mad cowboy! Two more to watch out for next year Kenny Ingalls and Gino Manzares."

  • Robert Rogers:

    "Re the Stars and Stripes team, now if we had the World Cup Final before World War two, you would have to go some to beat the team the USA could have lined up for the 1937 final. Jack Milne 1937 World champion. Wilbur Lamoreaux Runner up 1937. Cordy Milne (Jack's Brother) 3rd place 1937. (Thats right, one of the rare 1-2-3 of the same country in a World Championship) and riding as their No.4, Llyod `Sprouts` Elder."

  • Phil Clark:

    "I was privileged to see both Dennis Sigalos and Kelly Moran on a regular basis at Hull Vikings. On our home circuit Sigalos was easily faster than Ivan Mauger on numerous occasions and held the track record. Kelly was just incredible. Hull's was a really tight circuit with long straights and Moran was one of the few if not only rider who could get around without putting a foot down. Kelly's brother Shawn wasn't bad either, but poor old John Cook never really settled."

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