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On Solid Shale
By David Walsh

Have you ever sped
Along a bone-dry track
The rock-solid base
With the finest dust, and grit
Scattered on top?
Ah yes
The greatest of all tracks!

Everything was intact
Or so it seemed
Safety-zone, line
A universal haven
For all our premier events

And it smelt just the same
As it always did
Of a place, a time
Of magic
Of grace
But its pitfalls were man-made
We had a curious race

The spin was uncontrolled
And the clouds became thick
Clear vision impaired
The sliding too slick
Oh shit!
There'll be one hell of a crash
If this sort of action isn't halted
And pretty damn quickly

So, fr*cking spoilsports
Get back to basics
For the answer is crying out
Right before our faces
And it really could not be simpler...

The caring, imaginative
Of precious, life-giving


This article was first published on 9th February 2014

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