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OXFORD - Sandy Lane

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This article was first published on 1st October 2023

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  • Jim Henry:

    "As a now long retired town planner and speedway fan I was pleased to read the item on Oxford speedway. Whilst I am pleased that the stadium was saved by the dogged determination of Oxford Council to prevent redevelopment I am saddened that the speedway community has singularly failed to give the Council due recognition for their efforts.

    However, it saddens me to watch the loss of so many venues to redevelopment and the prospect of the more than likely loss of more long established venues in the future. Perhaps now is the time for the widest speedway fraternity to secure the services of professional planners to work to ensure that no other venues are lost to redevelopment.

    To use a turn phrase, seek to future proof speedway stadiums, by using the their knowledge of the wider (national, regional and local) planning system. With professional planners on board it is more than likely they could provide sound support to anyone / group seeking to establish new venues. The planning system is, I fear, no place for lay people these days.

    Given my time retired from the profession, I would fall pretty much into the lay person category these days. It is time for speedway boldly face up to the future rather than let it fade away without as much as a whimper. "

  • John Fray:

    "Don't include me as not acknowledging the vital part Oxford City Council played to save the Oxford Stadium, since I for one have never failed to mention when writing about the renewed success of the track and team the major part the council played and how important it was when they recognised the site as the city's heritage sports arena. Thereby ensure that houses could not be built on the land or the stadium demolished.

    This advice I have also passed on to those wanting to rescue Brandon and Peterborough, emphasising how important it is to ensure that the council is on the promoters and supporters side and not the owners of the land that just want to destroy what is there in order to build houses with their get rich schemes. Every council and individual councillors should be left in no doubt that speedway is one of the few spectator sports that can be enjoyed by the whole family free from gambling and violence. "  


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