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Dream Team : Paul

Always been a Wimbledon supporter since I was a kid. My mum and dad took me there for the first time in 1953 when I was five years old (you work out how old I am!!!!)


Ove Fundin
The fastest gater of his day. There was no-one around with his gating skills and aggression during the late 50's and to the mid sixties, he was the man to beat!

Ronnie Moore
The Wimbledon number one rider for over 10 years during the 50's & 60's. He was totally unflappable and could read a track situation like no-one else. An amazing team captain.

Peter Craven
The total unorthodox style and determination of this tiny guy was unbelievable. He could throw a bike into a bend with total disregard for his safety. Where other riders would be slowing for the corner, he'd be accelerating past them and winning races through sheer courage!

Ivan Mauger
No-one but a fool would leave this guy out! Maybe the fastest gater there's ever been. Once the tapes went up he was usually 10 yards in front before the others had let go of the clutch! I would have loved to have seen him and Ove Fundin gate together.

Nigel Boocock
An all rounder of all the best things in a rider. He could gate quickly, corner immaculately, win from the back (especially on the final bend) and team ride wonderfully.

Olle Nygren
The first of the flying Swedes! Was always trying to win (by fair means or foul!) but would never give up on a race even if he was 50 yards behind on the final bend!

Ron Howe
Mr reliability! He never became a star, because you could only have one in a team and Ronnie Moore was Wimbledon's, but he could team ride better than anyone else could ever dream of!

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This article was first published on 29th November 2007

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