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Dream Team : Ryan Sedgmen

This is my Milduran Dream Team

Leigh Adams
The greatest rider ever to come out of Mildura and Australia in my opinion. Leigh is the most professional rider in speedway. Leigh's has done it all in speedway other than the World Title which he will achieve that goal one day. Leigh has always been so smooth and fast on the bike it is poetry in motion when he rides a round a speedway track especially round our home track at Mildura. He is the ideal number 1 rider in any speedway team you are always guaranteed at least 10 and over points from him every time he rides and he is also a great team man.

Jason Lyons
The Mildura Ace as he is called at Mildura. Jason has been a world class rider for many years now but if you had a World Championship at Mildura Jason would easily make the final. Jason on his day is so fast around Mildura not even Leigh Adams can catch him. These two riders put on the best speedway action against each other at Mildura and it is a treat to watch. Jason is well liked at Mildura and he is a true Aussie battler who can go through a lot of pain to win.

Jason Crump
The son of the Master. Jason is another great rider to come out of Mildura. The 2004 World Champion, there is not much more you can say about Jason that hasn't been said. He is a true Champion that learnt his craft as a junior at Mildura

Mark Lemon
Lemo on his day can beat anyone and I mean anyone. Once he gets his equipment sorted out he can be so fast. Lemo is the current track record holder at Mildura. And if it wasn't for all the injuries he has had over the years he could have been a real chance as a Grand Prix performer. Lemo is just one of Mildura's favourite sons.

Phil Crump
The Mildura Master, he could do anything on a speedway bike and some of the conversations you hear about Crumpy are just magic. Riding around the corners with the handle bars scraping the dirt, putting his back wheel against the fence so he could use the dirt on the fence to get drive, the list goes on and on. Crumpy was a legend that's the only way you can describe the man.

Travis McGowan
Travis has been riding around Mildura ever since he was 9, he rode juniors and graduated to seniors. He might not have set the world on fire on the world stage but he sets Olympic Park alight when he rides at Mildura. One of Mildura's favourite sons that soon will turn the corner and become a Grand Prix Performer in the future.


This article was first published on 6th April 2006

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