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Soundbites: 14th May 2005

Krzysztof Kasprzak

"The track was very slippery and I was turning on it okay when suddenly there was no grip on my wheel and my bike lifted up. I don't know how, but I kept control. It just happened, good luck I suppose. I'm glad I did manage to hang on because I'm over the moon that I went through the card for the first time in England.
Krzysztof Kasprzak after his maximum on Wednesday

"He's only 15 but he's absolutely on fire at the moment and there can't be another side in the league with a reserve as good as him ready to come in. He was riding in the second half at Eastbourne last week and did a 59 second heat when heat 13 that included the two top riders was timed at 58.3. Then on Sunday he rode in the second half at Wimbledon and his time was quicker than anything in the actual meeting."
Brian White talks up 15 year old Lewis Bridger

"We'll have our ups and downs but it's early days. The challenge facing team boss Dingle and myself is to keep spirits in our camp high and to quickly bounce back from reversals. I'm looking forward to a good season and that's the mood I want to instill throughout the side. It's a matter of everyone having a positive attitude."
Wimbledon skipper Buzz Burrows

"Everyone rode their hearts out at a track where some of them don't have a good record. We've taken five points in three days and won at a tricky track just when people were saying we were losing our edge away from home. We're top of the table with a third of our fixtures completed so we're happy with the way things are going."
Ian Thomas on Belle Vue's win at Arena Essex

"You are always going to struggle when you are using rider replacement for your No. 1. In Andreas Jonsson's rides, we only managed to beat two Poole riders and he would obviously have beaten far more than that. If you put in the 10 or 12 points he would have scored in, it puts a totally different complexion on the meeting. I can't be unhappy with the way the team rode."
Colin Pratt on Coventry's heavy defeat at Poole on Wednesday

"Getting a maximum is great. I have had one abroad but never here in England so I am very happy. Although, I didn't enjoy the bumps I got afterwards too much!"
Henning Bager of Peterborough talking after the showground win over Oxford

"Reading are the only team that Steady can guest for in the Premier League as Zagar was the only rider with a better average last season. It might sound bad that as a Workington asset he's coming back to ride against us but that's the nature of the sport. We have to accept it and look forward to some exciting racing. I feel sure the clashes between Stoney and Steady will be worth the admission money in their own right."
Graham Drury welcomes Simon Stead back to Derwent Park this evening

"The biggest problem for us is that we're third in the league and it's time to do something because we are going to struggle in the second half of the season if we are not picking up bonus points. Maybe it's time for the promotion to look at bringing another rider in but, with the averages the way they are, it is going to be very difficult. It's a tough one but that part of it is not my job. I'm paid to score as many points as possible."
Leigh Adams of Swindon

"I've been left to ride in the Conference League this season because a Premier League place never jumped out at me. I am going to shave 940 miles a week off my home meetings now I am back at Armadale! I am overjoyed to have been given the chance. I am under no illusions that this is Robert's place and I'm merely filling a gap until he is fit again. That suits me perfectly. It gives me a month to get myself together and prove to everybody and anybody that when my period with Monarchs is up I am good enough to find a team place with another senior club."
David McAllan

"I'd say that display was up there with our best this season. Everyone is starting to go well and the team spirit is good. We're at home again next Wednesday against Newport and if we can build on tonight's performance then we'll be fine."
Paul Thorp on Hull's victory over the Islanders

"I was always confident that we would get a good result and we looked solid all the way through. Stoke are set up for a slick track and we made sure our track was grippy, which obviously caught them out at the start. Surprisingly it did get a bit slicker towards the end and that's when Robbie Kessler capitalised to get them some points."
King's Lynn manager Rob Lyon

"We feel we must make a move to strengthen up and Steve seems the ideal choice. Chris (Mills) has done absolutely nothing wrong and has ridden well in an extremely difficult berth, but averages dictate and this was the only move we could make. We must now see how the weekend and Monday go before making any other long-term decision."
Pat Bliss explains the signing of Steve Masters

"I was overshooting the corners and the fence was coming up far too quick for it to be any fun. I'm not sure what the problem was, to be honest. We tried various things without much success and it's a bit of a worry. I'm letting the team and the supporters down and not earning either."
Rob Grant of Stoke


This article was first published on 14th May 2005

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