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The Golden Hammer - 1983
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 27. 1983.

Speedway's Golden Eagle had long since flown off to the Hollywood hills. But now, a fledgling had emerged to challenge the best.

Nineteen-year-old, Young American, Lance King stunned the Speedway world by taking home the Hammer, beating a field of dreams. The Cradley favourite kicked off by equalling the track record in round one. Later dropping just one point to World Number 2, Les Collins, he humiliated the rest, coming from behind in three rides. That included his last heat that he had to win to take the Title outright. Hans Nielsen made the gate but King put it over him, avoiding a run-off.

There was a run-off for second place and the home crowd had double delight as Erik Gundersen hammered Dennis Sigalos.

Heat 1. Gundersen, Schwartz, Knudsen, Wigg.
Heat 2. King, Crump, Olsen, Morton.
Heat 3. Sigalos, Nielsen, Phil Collins, Alan Grahame.
Heat 4. Andy Grahame, Carter, Les Collins, Peter Collins.
Heat 5. Sigalos, Olsen, Knudsen, Les Collins.
Heat 6. Nielsen, Schwartz, Morton, Carter.
Heat 7. Crump, Wigg, Andy Grahame, Phil Collins.
Heat 8. King, Alan Grahame, Gundersen, Peter Collins ef
Heat 9. Morton, Phil Collins, Peter Collins, Knudsen.
Heat 10. Andy Grahame, Alan Grahame, Schwartz, Olsen.
Heat 11. King, Sigalos, Carter. Wigg ef
Heat 12. Gundersen, Les Collins, Nielsen, Crump.
Heat 13. Knudsen, Alan Grahame, Crump, Carter.
Heat 14. Les Collins, King, Schwartz, Phil Collins.
Heat 15. Nielsen, Wigg, Peter Collins, Olsen.
Heat 16. Gundersen, Sigalos, Andy Grahame, Morton.
Heat 17. King, Nielsen, Andy Grahame, Knudsen.
Heat 18. Sigalos, Schwartz, Crump, Peter Collins.
Heat 19. Alan Grahame, Les Collins, Morton, Wigg.
Heat 20. Gundersen, Phil Collins, Olsen, Carter.
Run-off for 2nd. Gundersen, Sigalos.

Lance King 14. Erik Gundersen 13. Dennis Sigalos 13. Hans Nielsen 11. Alan Grahame 9. Andy Grahame 9. Les Collins 8. Bobby Schwartz 8. Phil Crump 7. Tommy Knudsen 5. Chris Morton 5. Phil Collins 5. Simon Wigg 4. Ole Olsen 4. Kenny Carter 3. Peter Collins 2. Res Peter Ravn dnr. Res Jan O Pedersen dnr.


This article was first published on 27th March 2022

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