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The Golden Hammer - 1984
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

June 27. 1984.

Once again it's Steve Johnson sharing the action for Speedway Star. "Cradley's longest serving rider Alan Grahame, for once grabbed the glory by deservedly winning the prestigious Golden Hammer. Grahame emerged from the shadows to lift the biggest trophy of his career, leading team-mate Phil Collins from start to finish in a run-off for first place. After battling his way past Preben Eriksen and a very disappointing Erik Gundersen to take what proved to be a crucial second place in Heat 4, the ever-popular and consistent Grahame reeled off three consecutive wins to put himself in pole position. He needed just two points from his last ride to clinch an outright victory but had to be content with third after last year's winner Lance King forced his way past. That meant a run-off with Collins and although the Cradley flier was always on Grahame's tail, he never really looked like getting by."

Heat 1. King, Nielsen, Jensen, Steve Collins. Schwartz ex/tapes
Heat 2. Phil Collins, Sanders, Crump, Andy Grahame.
Heat 3. Guglielmi, Cross, Morton, SHIRRA.
Heat 4. Wigg, Alan Grahame, Gundersen, Eriksen.
Heat 5. Crump, Cross, Wigg, Jensen.
Heat 6. Phil Collins, King, Gundersen, Guglielmi.
Heat 7. Morton, Eriksen, Sanders, Schwartz.
Heat 8. Alan Grahame, Nielsen, Andy Grahame. SHIRRA ret.
Heat 9. Alan Grahame, Morton, Phil Collins, Jensen.
Heat 10. King, Crump, SHIRRA, Eriksen.
Heat 11. Andy Grahame, Schwartz, Gundersen, Cross.
Heat 12. Guglielmi, Sanders, Wigg, Nielsen.
Heat 13. Sanders, Gundersen, SHIRRA, Jensen.
Heat 14. Morton, Andy Grahame, King, Wigg.
Heat 15. Alan Grahame, Crump, Guglielmi, Schwartz.
Heat 16. Nielsen, Phil Collins, Eriksen, Cross.
Heat 17. Eriksen, Guglielmi, Andy Grahame, Jensen.
Heat 18. Sanders, King, Alan Grahame, Cross.
Heat 19. Phil Collins, Wigg, Schwartz, SHIRRA.
Heat 20. Nielsen, Morton, Crump, Gundersen.
Run-off. Alan Grahame, Phil Collins.

Alan Grahame 12. Phil Collins 12. Billy Sanders 11. Chris Morton 11. Lance King 11. Hans Nielsen 10. Phil Crump 9. Gary Guglielmi 9. Andy Grahame 7. Simon Wigg 7. Preben Eriksen 6. Erik Gundersen 5. Simon Cross 4. Bobby Schwartz 3. MITCH SHIRRA 2. Finn Jensen 1. Res Steve Collins 0. Res Mike Wilding dnr. Bo Petersen ns.


This article was first published on 27th March 2022

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