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The Golden Hammer - 1988
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

28 July. 1988.

World Champion, Hans Nielsen, despite a duck in round 1, at last got Hammered!

With his key rivals all dropping crucial points, he was able to take control and then win the triple run-off. This was a long time coming and with the treasured trophy safely tucked away, this was a very happy Hans!

Jan O Pedersen had to win round five for the Title, lost it to Nielsen. Then again in the run-off yet still managed a smile for the podium. Erik Gundersen, shooting for the Triple Crown, started well but duffed round three. Still, victory in the last round would take the Trophy. He's probably still wondering how he missed that one!

The evergreen Chris Morton had a super night and like Gundersen, winning round five would have seen him take the Title. Well, he held off Erik but was unable to catch Cradley's favourite Simon Cross.

As for the lone-star Kiwi MITCH SHIRRA, one win between four ducks! What on earth???

Heat 1. Cross, K Moran, Alan Grahame, Handberg.
Heat 2. Morton, Pedersen, Wigg, Havelock.
Heat 3. Gundersen, Tatum, King, Nielsen.
Heat 4. Doncaster, Knudsen, Silver, SHIRRA.
Heat 5. Cross, King, Wigg, SHIRRA.
Heat 6. Gundersen, Pedersen, K Moran, Knudsen.
Heat 7. Tatum, Doncaster, Handberg, Havelock.
Heat 8. Nielsen, Morton, Alan Grahame, Silver.
Heat 9. Pedersen, Silver, Tatum, Cross.
Heat 10. Nielsen, Wigg, Doncaster, K Moran.
Heat 11. Morton, Knudsen, King, Handberg.
Heat 12. SHIRRA, Alan Grahame, Gundersen, Havelock.
Heat 13. Nielsen, Knudsen, Cross, Havelock.
Heat 14. K Moran, Morton, Tatum, SHIRRA.
Heat 15. Gundersen, Silver, Handberg, Wigg.
Heat 16. Pedersen, Alan Grahame, Doncaster, King.
Heat 17. Cross, Morton, Gundersen, Doncaster.
Heat 18. King, K Moran, Silver, Havelock.
Heat 19. Nielsen, Pedersen, Handberg, SHIRRA.
Heat 20. Knudsen, Wigg, Tatum, Alan Grahame.
1st place run-off. Nielsen, Pedersen, Morton.

Hans Nielsen 12. Jan O Pedersen 12. Chris Morton 12. Erik Gundersen 11. Simon Cross 10. Tommy Knudsen 9. Kelly Moran 8. Kelvin Tatum 8. Lance King 7. Jeremy Doncaster 7. Alan Grahame 6. Simon Wigg 6. Andrew Silver 6. Gert Handberg 3. MITCH SHIRRA 3. Gary Havelock 0. Res David Walsh dnr. Res Wayne Garratt dnr.


This article was first published on 3rd April 2022

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