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Jason Doyle does the CZ Golden Helmet 'Triple Crown'
By Tracy Holmes

Jason Doyle

I was delighted that Jason Doyle won the CZ Golden Helmet this year, his third straight! And he became only the third rider in the 72 year history of the event to do the 'Triple Crown'. Joining Sir Ole Olsen 1970, 1971 & 1972 and Leigh Adams 1999, 2000 & 2001. The reason for my joy is that, when after his first win, Jason told us all how winning this event was on his bucket list. He knew the history and tradition and when he finally nailed it, he felt total pride and satisfaction as mission accomplished.

To do the 'Triple Crown' for this master of Speedway is justification to his professional genius. Many Superstars never got to ride in this one. Peter Collins and Bruce Penhall for example had duties that prevented them from making the trip. Jimmy Nilsen was another to miss this one while Malcolm Simmons and Phil Crump did get there eventually but not until the mid 80s and long past their best. Bartosz Zmarzlik has yet to make an appearance.

Before we have look at those who got close to the 'Triple Crown', check out this list of giants who tried but never won the coveted prize. None bigger than Ivan Mauger who got to ride in 13 events, making 11 Grand Finals. 3 times second and twice 3rd! Barry Briggs, Mike Lee, Kelvin Tatum and Greg Hancock, all on the podium as twice 2nd. Mark Loram being twice 3rd. Sam Ermolenko was also 3rd.

The following made the Grand Final but were unplaced; Edward Jancarz, Zenon Plech, Chris Morton, Tommy Knudsen, Les Collins, Shawn Moran, Jan O Pedersen, Gary Havelock and Tomasz Gollob. While Soren Sjosten, Anders Michanek , Jerzy Szczakiel, Valeri Gordeev, Grigori Chlinovski, Scott Autrey, Billy Sanders, Larry Ross, Henrik Gustafsson and Billy Hamill all did not reach that Final spot. Tai Woffinden also failed to make it but he may very well make up for that in the future.

Now let's check out those who got the 'Triple Crown' in their sights. Herman Gunzenhauser was 2nd in 1934, then won in 1935 & 1936. The next Helmet was in 1938 and I do not know if he was able to ride. His name does not appear in the list I have but it is not at all complete.

Sir Ole won the record 7 Helmets and including his 'Triple Crown', he won his 6th & 7th Helmets in 1979 & 1980. However, in 1981, it was not a happy day, enduring mechanical problems and so not taking his place in the consolation final.

Jiri Stancl has the next massive haul of 5 Helmets. The last two being won in 1981 & 1982. In the Grand Final of 1983, he had no answer for the winner, Dennis Sigalos but was able to hold off Olsen for second place. That was the last ever appearance for Ole, retiring at the end of the season.

Erik Gundersen was next up, taking the Helmets of 1985 & 1986. But he never did ride in the meeting again. It was Jeremy Doncaster that did the next double in 1989 & 1990. But in 1991, he had to settle for 3rd place behind Toni Kasper and Ronnie Correy.

The following year saw the Super Swede Tony Rickardsson take his first Helmet and then did the double in 1993. The World Champion was not smiling in 1994 as the 'Triple Crown' eluded him, finishing on the podium but 3rd behind Simon Wigg and Chris Louis. He did get his third Helmet in 1995. Tony went on to do a unique 'small triple crown'. Second place over three years; 1997 behind Ryan Sullivan. 1998 behind Hans Nielsen on the 50th anniversary and 1999 behind Leigh Adams. And that was it for Tricks.

The mighty Leigh Adams would go on to take four Helmets and who would bet against Jason doing the same? Would be a brave man to try and tie this Kangaroo down sport!


1929Zdenek PohlRobert Uvira Josef Hajek
1930Josef Strban Hans Hieronymus Mit'a Vychodil
1931Rudi Klein Josef Riha Anton Uroic
1932Hans Mayer Hans Winkler Josef Strban
1933Hans Buttler Erich Bertram Hans Winkler
1934Gerrit Van Dijk Herman Gunzenhauser Arend Hartman
1935Herman Gunzenhauser Erich BertramLeopold Killmeyer
1936Herman Gunzenhauser Hans Butler Erich Bertram
1938Frantisek JuhanVaclav StanislavJan Lucak
1947Hugo Rosak Karl KillmeyerMiloslav Spinka
1949Fritz Dirtl Hugo Rosak Gerrit Van Dijk
1951Jan Lucak Hans ZierkAntonin Svarc
1961Oldrich Klaudinger Jiri JasanskyErvin Krajcovic
1962Josef SeidlJaroslav MachacAntonin Svab
1963Antonin Kasper Martin TatumErvin Krajcovic
1964Igor Plechanov Antonin Kasper Boris Samorodov
1965Farit Sajnurov Stanislav KubicekAntonin Kasper
1966Igor Plechanov Barry BriggsBoris Samorodov
1967Ove Fundin Barry BriggsAntonin Kasper
1968Leif Enecrona Ove Fundin Frantisek Ledecky
1969Gennady Kurilenko Valeri Klementiev Miloslav Verner
1970Ole Olsen Miloslav VernerVladimir Gordeev
1971Ole Olsen Jim AireyHans Jurgen Fritz
1972Ole Olsen Ivan MaugerGeorgi Ivanov
1973Milan Spinka Ole Olsen Ivan Mauger
1974Jiri StanclIvan MaugerGeorgi Ivanov
1975Ole Olsen Ivan Mauger Jiri Stancl
1976Jiri StanclOle Olsen Ivan Mauger
1977Ole OlsenJiri Stancl Ales Dryml
1978Jiri StanclMike LeeOle Olsen
1979Ole OlsenMike LeeJiri Stancl
1980Ole OlsenAles DrymlBobby Schwartz
1981Jiri Stancl Ales DrymlViktor Kuznetsov
1982Jiri Stancl Roman JankowskiAles Dryml
1983Dennis Sigalos Jiri StanclOle Olsen
1984John Davis Lance King Jiri Stancl
1985Erik Gundersen Toni KasperSimon Wigg
1986Erik Gundersen Kelvin TatumSam Ermolenko
1987Hans NielsenKelvin Tatum Per Jonsson
1988Per Jonsson Roman Matousek Jeremy Doncaster
1989Jeremy DoncasterRoman Matousek Tony Olsson
1990Jeremy Doncaster Toni Kasper Zdenek Tesar
1991Toni KasperRonnie Correy Jeremy Doncaster
1992Tony Rickardsson Toni Kasper Mitch Shirra
1993Tony Rickardsson Leigh Adams Armando Castagna
1994Simon Wigg Chris Louis Tony Rickardsson
1995Tony Rickardsson Tomas Topinka Hans Nielsen
1996Tomas TopinkaSimon Wigg Chris Louis
1997Ryan SullivanTony Rickardsson Mark Loram
1998Hans NielsenTony Rickardsson Brian Andersen
1999Leigh Adams Tony RickardssonRyan Sullivan
2000Leigh Adams Greg HancockTodd Wiltshire
2001Leigh Adams Marian Jirout Mark Loram
2002Jason Crump Matej Zagar Lee Richardson
2003Ryan SullivanJason CrumpLee Richardson
2004Leigh AdamsAles Dryml jnr Hans Andersen
2005Scott Nicholls Nicki PedersenAles Dryml jnr
2006Jason Crump Hans Andersen Nicki Pedersen
2007Andreas JonssonRune HoltaKenneth Bjerre
2008Hans AndersenLeigh AdamsMatej Ferjan
2009Rune Holta Grzegorz WalasekDavey Watt
2010Nicki PedersenFreddie LindgrenAndreas Jonsson
2011Rune Holta Antonio Lindback Piotr Pawlicki
2012Grzegorz Walasek Freddie LindgrenHans Andersen
2013Darcy WardGreg Hancock Przemyslaw Pawlicki
2014Chris Holder Freddie LindgrenJurica Pavlic
2015Jurica Pavlic Troy BatchelorMartin Smolinski
2016Emil Sayfutdinov Rune Holta Martin Smolinski
2017Vaclav MilikRune Holta Max Fricke
2018Jason Doyle Martin Vaculic Vaclav Milik
2019Jason Doyle Andzejs Lebedev Patryk Dudek
2020Jason Doyle Jan Kvech Brady Kurtz


This article was first published on 25th October 2020

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  • David Cohen:

    "Nice summary, including the stats, of an event that maybe hasn't always got the visibility in the UK that it deserved, as it quite clearly *is* a big open meeting. And it's brought to mind those years, especially in the 70's, when there would be tons of open meetings, which were always a good indicator of which riders were really at the top of their game that season."  


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