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Ivan Mauger V Britain's Best
Part 1:Nigel Boocock
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Silver Machine Win Gold
Ivan's Fantasy Island
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Tidying Up The Parade
NZ v Australia 1980
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2024 is Off and Running
The Story of Noddy Holder
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1975/76 NZ v England
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DVD: Great Races of the 80s
What's Wrong With Ambition?
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Book Review: Walthamstow
When the Rangers Roared
High Beech Revival of 1954
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Western Springs Winged Wheels
Grand Pricks?
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Blind Speedway Rider
Track Pix: Oxford
Farcical Guest
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The Ole Olsen Tapes
Dream Team: Richard Cleaver
Plus Points
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1974/75 BL V New Zealand
Heat Details Required
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Northside Arena
Review: Tigers at White City
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How to halt the decline
NZ v Poland - 1st Test
NZ v Poland - 2nd Test
NZ v Poland - 3rd Test
NZ v Poland - 4th Test
Track Pictures: North Brisbane
It's All About You: Lionel King
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Dream Team : Geoff Langley
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Gerald Dunn's JAP
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1975 World Final. Heat 20.
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Peter Collins Autobiography
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DVD Review: 70s - A to Z
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  • 1975/76 New Zealand V England By Tracy Holmes


  • Western Springs Winged Wheels By Tracy Holmes
  • Grand Pricks By David Pickles
  • The Blind Speedway Rider and Bike Builder
  • Farcical Guest By David Pickles
  • 1974/75 British League V New Zealand Select By Tracy Holmes
  • How to halt the decline of British Speedway By Ian Davey
  • New Zealand v Poland 1975 - Part 1 By Tracy Holmes
  • New Zealand v Poland 1975 - Part 2 By Tracy Holmes
  • New Zealand v Poland 1975 - Part 3 By Tracy Holmes
  • New Zealand v Poland 1975 - Part 4 By Tracy Holmes
  • Gerald Dunn's JAP By Julian Dunn


  • 1975 World Final. Heat 20. By Tracy Holmes
  • British Speedway : Why is it in decline? By Ian Davey
  • Raking Over Old Coals By David Pickles
  • Ode to Brough Park By Nigel McMurray
  • As The Crow Flies By David Walsh
  • Oxford's Minor Miracle By John Fray
  • The Speedway Bike and How To Ride It By Mike Coombes
  • 45 Years a Racer By Mike Coombes

    King's Lynn by Ian Davey

    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four


  • Ronnie's Newcastle Nightmare By Tracy Holmes
  • Artem Laguta - A Russian Champion at Last By Tracy Holmes
  • Speedway's Black Hole By David Pickles
  • Steve Langton Strikes Gold By Tony Webb
  • When Irish Eyes Were Smiling By Tony Webb
  • Speedway in Germany 1933 By Doug Macfarlane
  • The Unsolved Mystery of Two Bill Allens By Tony Webb
  • Australia 70/71 - Tragedy & Trajectory By Tracy Holmes
  • Speedway in Kualar Lumpar 2007/08 By Tony Webb
  • Speedway in Shanghai 1930 By Tony Webb
  • Speedway in Singapore 1930 By Tony Webb
  • Peter Clark and the Kiwi Invasion of 1952 By Tony Webb
  • Still Flying High - The Eastbourne Eagles By Ian Davey
  • Debut: Joe Screen
  • Tai Deserves a Gong By David Pickles
  • The J.A.P is Modern Art By Tony Webb

    The 2020 British Speedway Season - Month by Month Review
    by Arnie Gibbons

    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight


  • The Polish Problem By David Pickles
  • Ivan Mauger, Hans Nielsen. World Finals By Tracy Holmes
  • British Speedway - When Did it Start to Decline? By Ian Davey
  • Jason Doyle does the CZ Golden Helmet 'Triple Crown' By Tracy Holmes
  • Jerzy Szczakiel. The 'Mauger' connection By Tracy Holmes
  • The Sad Death of Norwich Speedway By Ian Davey
  • Speedway Riders on the Wall of Death By Jim Henry
  • Goodbye Loomer Road By Phil Hayward
  • Podcast Review: Humans of Speedway
  • A Frame Up - Evolution of the Modern Speedway Frame By Tony Webb
  • The Tragic Case of Percy Dunn By Matt Jackson
  • The 1961 Midland Riders Championship By John Fray
  • Cordy Milne By Doug MacFarlane
  • The Harringay Riots By Doug MacFarlane
  • Celebration of Speedway 2020 Report By Tony Hurren
  • Speedway Scroll Cuts By Ian Gill
  • Celebration of Speedway 2020 By Tony Hurren
  • My First Sporting Hero By David Pickles
  • Max Grosskreutz and the Golden Helmet Controversy By Doug MacFarlane
  • Ole Olsen and Coventry Bees: The Glory Days By Ian Davey
  • New Book Project: Riders In The Sky

    World Speedway Rankings 2019 by Arnie Gibbons

    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five


  • Another Oval Gone By David Pickles
  • The Molyneux Mystery By Ian Gill
  • Speedway Researcher Update By Jim Henry
  • All to Play for at Oxford By John Fray
  • Speedway on Screen: There is Another Sun
  • Is Speedway All-In? By Ken Nicholson
  • Dagenham Cup of Merit Mystery By Nerina Clarkson
  • Never Give Up On Odsal By Ray Allen
  • Speedway At The Ace By John Hyam
  • Nothing Like a Large and Noisy Crowd By Robert Graham
  • Death of the Speedway Supporters Club By Steve Haire
  • Ivan Mauger and The CZ Golden Helmet. Zlata Prilba. By Tracy Holmes
  • A Very Freezing Trip Across the Border By David Pickles

    Brandonapolis 1965 - 1985. A Kiwi Konnection by Tracy Holmes

    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six

    NZ in the 1973 World League by Tracy Holmes

    Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

    England v Australasia 1972 - 2nd Division Test Series by Tracy Holmes

    Part One - Part Two - Part Three


  • Kings of the Road
  • Speedway's Future By John Fray
  • Dag Lovaas Returns to Oxford By John Fray
  • 1975 World Final - Six PC's of Separation By Tracy Holmes
  • 1960 world final; Beyond the run-off By Tracy Holmes
  • Lies, damn lies...... By Ken Nicholson
  • Thoughts From A Disenfranchised Fan By Steve Haire
  • Not Just Speedway Star, We Need a Speedway Czar By David Pickles
  • If They Had Known Then... By Ken Nicholson
  • Day Trip to Berwick
  • Fixed Nights Aren't Working By David Pickles
  • Let's Go Interactive By Tracy Holmes
  • The Honours System, Handicapping and The Duke of Cambridge By David Pickles
  • Backtrack The Ivan Mauger Special. A Personal View. By Tracy Holmes
  • 'Hero' or 'Villain' By Tracy Holmes
  • Media Ignored Ivan's Passing By David Pickles
  • Bobby Schwartz and the World Final By Tracy Holmes
  • A Bandits' Dozen
  • Ivan Mauger
  • Opening Nights: Shawfield 1988
  • Laydowns Killed the Spectacle By Ivor Craine
  • A Night To Remember By John Fray
  • Leningrad Neva Visit Britain in 1968 By John Hyam
  • Celebration of Speedway's 90th Anniversary By John Fray
  • Mythbusters By Tracy Holmes

    Kiwis in the Overseas Final by Tracy Holmes

    1981 - 1982 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1988 - 1989 - 1990 - 1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000/01


  • South African Tour of Europe in 1951 By John Hyam
  • New Hope at Oxford By John Fray
  • All Hope Exhausted at Wimbledon By David Pickles
  • The Vestry Museum in Walthamstow By Robert Rogers
  • The 12th California-in-England Speedway Reunion By Stuart Towner
  • California-in-England 2017 Reunion
  • Falling School Roll Spells Trouble for Monarchs
  • Newspaper Cuttings on the Svein Kaasa Tragedy By Bill Hamilton
  • Whatever Happened to our "Season"? By David Pickles
  • Ronnie Moore and the Atom Car By John Hyam
  • Let's Promote and Push Speedway II By David Pickles
  • Let's Promote and Push Speedway By David Pickles
  • Woffy's Warm Up
  • 1982 Overseas Final - The Day the Music Died By Tracy Holmes
  • A Letter from Maurice Stobbart
  • The Toronto Motordrome - Board Track By Brian Pratt
  • A Team from Melbourne in the 1950's By Ivor Craine
  • The History of Sim Speedway
  • The Jim Ryman Crash By Arthur Price
  • Skid Kids: A Cycle Speedway movie


    New Zealand and the World Team Cup by Tracy Holmes

    1974 - 1975 - 1976 - 1977 - 1978 - 1979 - 1980
    1981 - 1982 - 1983 - 1984 - 1985 - 1986 and Beyond



  • Elephant...What Elephant? By Ken Nicholson
  • The High Beech Revival of 1954 By John Hyam
  • The Daily Express Spring Classic By Tracy Holmes
  • West Ham - An Alternative Perspective By Dudley Jones
  • Brisbane's Speedway Antiques Roadshow By Tony Webb
  • Stadium Ownership Change at Oxford
  • Fred Gray
  • 2016 Aussie GP: No Lessons Learned By Ivor Craine
  • The Elite League is Going Up its Own Exhaust Pipe By Pat Jackson
  • The Eleventh California-in-England Speedway Reunion Report
  • It's a Domestic II: Dave Thomson vs Dick Barrie
  • It's a Domestic I: Mike Hunter vs John Gibson
  • Time For Speedway to Spread its Wings? By David Pickles
  • The Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund - 1948 Report
  • The 1966 World Cup Final
  • The Armadale Catch-22
  • Noel Johnson Memorial By Tony Webb
  • Cambridge Speedway
  • Wiggy Supports "Save Oxford Stadium"
  • The Monkey's Paw
  • The Colour Marshal
  • Britannia of Billingsgate
  • South Africa By John Hyam
  • 2016 Barrow Reunion Report By John Coulston
  • 2016 Wimbledon Dons Reunion Report By Jon Stevens
  • Speedway's Greatest Year - 1949 By Ivor Craine
  • Nine Years and Still a Work in Progress By Charles Mckay
  • Speedway's Greatest Year By John Stock and Tracy Holmes
  • Bruce Penhall - Simply Too Good for Speedway By John Stock
  • Ivan Mauger - The Greatest? By Tracy Holmes
  • Dave Thomson - Signing Steve Lawson
  • Back on Track After 20 Years By George Dodds
  • A Fresh Debate By John Stock
  • Innovate or Die By Ivor Craine
  • Smythe's Speedway World By John Gallon
  • Until the Ink Runs Out
  • Sim Speedway By Fred Taylor
  • Board Game: Skid-o
  • The Ultimate Speedway Board Game By Robert J. Rogers

    This Speedway Life: Through The Mill by David Walsh

  • Part I - Tribute
  • Part II - Carpe Diem
  • Part III - Gods and Idols
  • Part IV - Lament
  • Part V: Tribute 2 - Home
  • Part VI - New Signing
  • Part VII: Gater's Paradise


  • The Year of the Champions By Robert J. Rogers
  • Fancy That! By John Hyam
  • Melbourne's Best Kept Secret By Ivor Craine
  • Long Eaton v Boston 1973: The Aftermath - with Arthur Price By Ian Gill
  • Reunion Report: Paisley Lions 2015 By Bill Elliott
  • If It Ain't Broke...
  • Les' Pointless Profile
  • Speedway on Screen 2015
  • Synthetic Shale? By Ivor Craine
  • The Grand Finale By David Walsh
  • Whatever Happened to the Cycle Speedway Lads? By Betty Corrie
  • What if John Louis.... By Ian Harwood
  • Bryan Tungate
  • Leigh Adams: The Best to Never Win a World Crown By Gareth Hinton
  • Liverpool Speedway - Sydney By Peter Hunter
  • The Ethiad is Great News By Ivor Craine
  • Oh, What a Night! By Tracy Holmes
  • Speedway's Civil War: It's War By Arnie Gibbons
  • New Zealand Final 2015 By Tracy Holmes

    The World Pairs Finals by Tracy Holmes

  • 1968 - 1969 - 1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973 - 1974 - 1975
  • 1976 - 1977 - 1978 - 1979 - 1980 - 1981 - 1982 - 1983
  • 1984 - 1985 - 1986 - 1987 - 1988 - 1989 - 1990 - 1991
  • 1992 - 1993


  • Long Eaton v Boston 1973 By Ian Gill
  • Chris Holder By Gareth Hinton
  • Eric Jolly By John Hyam
  • Hastings Memories By John Hyam
  • The Talented But Wayward Ward By Gareth Hinton
  • The Ninth California-in-England Speedway Reunion By Stuart Towner
  • When Radek met Boris in Bydgoszcz By Jeff Scott
  • The Glasgow Tigers' Loyal Squad Re-Union - Chapter 2 By Bill Elliot
  • Speedway Poem (incl. the individual score) By David Walsh
  • Some West Ham Memories By Paul Goodwin
  • New Zealand 73/74 By Tracy Holmes
  • Malcolm Simmons
  • The Best Pairs Cup By Paul Monroe
  • New Zealand 72/73 By Tracy Holmes
  • Andrew Aldridge By Tracy Holmes
  • Wanna Bet? By Paul Monroe
  • Custom House Memories By Geoff Langley
  • Honouring the Champions of 1984 By Philip Dalling
  • Bill Gray's Bypass By Howie Zechner
  • The Speedway Workshop
  • Odsal Petition By Stuart Calvert
  • Speedway's Civil War: The Winter of Discontent By Arnie Gibbons
  • Thinking Outside the Box By Ken Nicholson
  • Future Track Star and a Nervous Journalist By Philip Dalling
  • 1974 - Speedway Ruined my Toffee Apple By Ian Harwood
  • Long Eaton Speedway - 30th Anniversary Reunion By Neil Burrows
  • The Team: Glasgow 1978
  • Thoughts on Oxford and 2014 By John Fray
  • New Zealand 71/72 By Tracy Holmes


  • 1973 - Speedway Ruined my Toffee Apple By Ian Harwood
  • Nelson By Philip Dalling
  • 1972 - Speedway Ruined my Toffee Apple By Ian Harwood
  • Strai(gh)tened Times: Pornography (Appendix) By David Walsh
  • Darcy and the Golden Helmet By Tracy Holmes
  • Snapshots of Yesteryear By Peter Colvin
  • Cover Story By Phil Rice
  • Tai Woffinden: It is what it is! By David Walsh
  • 1971 - Speedway Ruined my Toffee Apple By Ian Harwood
  • England's World Champions By Tracy Holmes
  • Speedway's Civil War: Sowing the Seeds of the Dispute By Arnie Gibbons
  • New Zealand 75/76 By Tracy Holmes
  • Early Memories By Graham Davis
  • When the Floodlights Fail By John Hyam
  • 1970 - Speedway Ruined my Toffee Apple By Ian Harwood
  • The Loyal Squad Reunion By Bill Elliot
  • British Speedway Memories
  • A 3,000 mile journey to check out Classic Speedway Venues By Philip Dalling
  • The Voice - 50th Edition
  • The 1982 Debacle By Tracy Holmes
  • Ron Butcher By Robert J. Rogers
  • British Final 1965 By Peter Colvin
  • Speedway A to Z By Matt Jackson
  • Long Eaton Reunion 2013 Report By Neil Burrows
  • New Zealand 74/75 By Tracy Holmes
  • Booey Attends Book Launch By Steve Magro
  • The 2013 Long Eaton Reunion By Neil Burrows
  • Robert's Win is Cause for Concern By Dave Green
  • Stoke's 40th Anniversary By Philip Dalling
  • Ash Suttor's Speedway Museum By Margaret Yule
  • Speedway Memories By Nick Nicolaides
  • Let's NOT Turn The Clock Back By Geoff Langley
  • Wimbledone? By David Pickles
  • Auf Wiedersehen Pet By Tracy Holmes
  • Pedalling to Speedway Glory By Philip Dalling
  • An Evening With the Champions of Speed 2013 By Neil Burrows
  • Australian Speedway is Virtually Dead By Ivor Craine

    Strai(gh)tened Times by David Walsh

  • Part I
  • Part II - Admissions
  • Part III - Gambling
  • Part IV - Pornography
  • Part V - Capital
  • Part VI - Drones
  • Part VII - History


  • Twin Carb Weslake By Malcolm Roe
  • An Evening With The Champions Of Speed By Neil Burrows
  • Save Oxford Stadium
  • World Champs in the BLRC By Tracy Holmes
  • Interval Attractions
  • Where Have The Fans Gone? By Ivor Craine
  • More Speedway on Screen By Sebastian Jan Sojka
  • Core Values Required By Dudley Jones
  • Droylsden - The Real Story By Nigel Bird
  • California-in-England Reunion 2012 By Stuart Towner
  • A Speedway Revolution By Robert J. Rogers
  • Perry Barr Survival By Philip Dalling
  • Briggo in America By Ian Harwood
  • Poem: Gardening By Bob Wilson
  • Norwich By Dudley Jones
  • Reaching a Half Century By Philip Dalling
  • John Berry
  • George Pepper By John Hyam
  • Poem: Speedway By Bob Wilson
  • You Have Two Minutes.... By Tracy Holmes
  • Stonecliff Speedway By Allan J. Baker
  • Lee Richardson Badges By Steve Davies
  • Trackin' Down: David Tyler
  • Crystal Palace Book
  • Long Eaton Speedway Reunion 2012 By Neil Burrows
  • The Story of the 1933 World Speedway Championship in Australia
  • Trackin' Down: Jan Staechmann
  • Trackin Down 4
  • Trackin' Down: Gerald Short
  • Poem: The Scruffy Looking Kid on the Four Stud Jap By Dave Thomson
  • Unknown Rider
  • The Mittagong Flash The Keith 'Buck' Ryan Story By Tony Webb
  • More in response to Tapestry By David Walsh
  • Mystery Track 1964 By Peter Colvin
  • Boys' Annuals with a Speedway Appeal By Philip Dalling
  • Hackney Reunion 2012 - Update By Paul Tadman
  • The Last Days of Crystal Palace By John Hyam
  • Long Eaton Reunion 2012 By Neil Burrows
  • Brisbane Museum Display By Tony Webb
  • Introducing Sponsor Speedway By Jez Birt and Keith Goodchild
  • Roger Abel - You Have Two Minutes By Tracy Holmes
  • Consecutive GP Wins By Tracy Holmes
  • Chris Bailey By Tracy Holmes
  • Tom Black - You Have Two Minutes By Tracy Holmes
  • Tapestry
  • Hackney 'Olympic' Reunion 2012 By Paul Tadman
  • Ekka Legends Report By Tony Webb
  • Dave Whittaker - You Have Two Minutes By Tracy Holmes
  • Saddened by Newport Closure By Dudley Jones
  • Waiting for the Hourly Roar By Philip Dalling
  • An Evening with the Champions of Speed By Neil Burrows
  • How Old is Too Old? By Ken Nicholson
  • Long Eaton 2012 - Celebration Evening and Season Launch
  • Murray Burt - You Have Two Minutes By Tracy Holmes
  • A Welcome Change To The Tactical Ride Rule By Geoff Langley
  • Book Review: 1982 Speedway Yearbook
  • Oxford Update By John Fray
  • An Evening With The Champions Of Speed By Neil Burrows
  • Middleton Mystery Resolved By Tony Webb
  • George Bason By John Hyam
  • Alf Wells - You Have Two Minutes By Tracy Holmes


  • Defunct Speedways Supporters Club
  • Ronnie Moore - You Have Two Minutes By Tracy Holmes
  • Leigh Adams By Adrian McKinlay
  • Christmas Gift Ideas for 2011
  • Tables are turned? By Philip Dalling
  • Backtrack Issue 46
  • Mercia Vikings 2012
  • Classic Speedway - Issue 15
  • Enthusiasts Bypassed by Fame: John Pilblad By Philip Dalling
  • West Ham Hammers - The Final Match By Robert J. Rogers
  • The Speedway Researcher
  • Paisley Reunion 2011
  • Ted Connor
  • Neil Street
  • Concerned About Newport By Dudley Jones
  • Competition Result: Speedway - The Classic Era
  • Competition: Speedway - The Classic Era
  • Mauger v Olsen By Tracy Holmes
  • The Knights Are Back!
  • Col Stewart - Australia's Speedway King
  • Brummies Hall of Fame
  • Backtrack Issue 45
  • The German Golden Helmet By Christian Weber
  • Competition: Win A Mug - Results
  • Competition: Win A Mug
  • Backtrack Issue 44
  • The Fifties By John Chaplin
  • Speedway MK
  • Trackin' Down 3
  • Long Eaton Speedway Reunion 2011 By Neil Burrows
  • New DVD: Shooey - Life and Times of Shawn Moran
  • Buster By Tommy Hansson
  • Alan Carter: Light in the Darkness
  • Open Pit Policy By Robert J. Rogers
  • Save Oxford Speedway By Dudley Jones
  • Lions Touched By Excessive Sun By Philip Dalling
  • Speedway in Films 2
  • Collins v Simmons in 1976 By Tracy Holmes
  • Classic Speedway 13
  • The True Golden Age of Speedway By Dudley Jones
  • My Beloved Shay By Andy Daly
  • Backtrack Issue 43
  • DVD Review: Mark Loram - The People's Champion
  • 10000 Days Later By Arnie Gibbons
  • Speedway Olympics By John Chaplin
  • Snapshots: Dan McCormick
  • New Book: The Golden Age of Speedway By Philip Dalling
  • Swagman Memories By Richard Austin
  • Tracking Down the Swagman By Ian Harwood
  • Swedish Snapshots By Tommy Hansson
  • The World Final That Never Was
  • Ellesmere Port Gunners Reunion 2010


  • Neil Grant By Calum Macaulay
  • Fairytale Contract for Crump By John Chaplin
  • Video: West Ham 1971
  • Two Great England Legends
  • Martin Mewies - Speedway Painter
  • Conference Reflections By Dave Green
  • The Long Eaton Project
  • Fifth California-in-England Reunion By Stuart Towner
  • Aage Hansen By Bobby Duncan
  • Every Picture...Paisley Opens
  • Short Sharp Blocks By Dave Green
  • Book Extract: Shale Trek By Jeff Scott
  • Cycle Speedway By Dave Beecroft
  • Team Viking's Final Invasion of 2010
  • Song: Five Aces By McClelland and Fitzgerald
  • The Gambler By David Walsh
  • Requiem for a Speedway Team By Robert J. Rogers
  • Accept The GP Is Here To Stay....But....? By Bill Gilliham
  • Book Review: Back from the Brink
  • Aces High
  • We Should Listen to Alun By Dudley Jones
  • You've Made a Fool of Yourself By Geoff Langley
  • Castles Built on Sand By Matt Jackson
  • Holder - I'm Still Speechless By Leandra Graves
  • Handbags at Dawn By Leandra Graves
  • Sunderland Reunion 2010 By Bob Ferry
  • Trackin' Down 2 - Gary O'Hare Extract
  • Trackin' Down 2 - Roger Mills Extract
  • Long Eaton Reunion 2010
  • Jack Arnott Memorial By Tony Webb
  • The Story Behind the Story By Bill Elliot
  • Magnificent Magnus By Leandra Graves
  • Many Thanks Provincial League By Nicky Nicolson
  • Provincial League Memories By Robert Rowe
  • Dagenham By John Phillips
  • Tough Start for Tai in Polish GP By Leandra Graves
  • A New Experience at Newport By Dudley Jones
  • Jeff Scott on The Grand Prix
  • Good Ole Days Once More....by Burt Tyrell
  • If I Were King By Matt Jackson
  • Every Picture.... The 1971 NZ Test Team By Tracy Holmes
  • Les Wheeler A 'Can You Help?' Special
  • Deadlock Clothing
  • We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It By Dudley Jones
  • A View from the Terraces By Mick Clargo
  • The Aces Pub By Jack Babrovskie
  • Glasgow's Red and White Army By Bill Elliot
  • Toronto Motorcycle Show 2010 By David Hensby
  • My Mate Alec By Brian Buck
  • Ever wonder why the Danes are so good at speedway?


  • Mystery Oil Painting
  • Book Extract: Quantum of Shale Round the Tracks By Jeff Scott
  • A Letter from Blue Peter
  • Scotland for the World Cup! By Bill Elliot
  • Every Picture.... The 1970 NZ Championship By Tracy Holmes
  • In the Midnight Hour By Ken Nicholson
  • I'll Never Forgive Kenny McKinna By James Smith
  • 10 Seasons Up for Sim Speedway By Al from Sim
  • The World Championship-New or Old Same or Different? By Bill Elliot
  • Sim Speedway - Season 9
  • Eddie Rigg Update
  • Excerpt from Frank Pierce article.. "My life on the Speedways"
  • Adam Sheppard - Can You Help?
  • Motocrossers Race Times and an Apology to the BSPA By Dave Green
  • Cowdenbeath Speedway 1965 By Mark Dell
  • Cardiff GP 2009: A beginner's view from Seat 16 Block M30 By Philip Dalling
  • Book Extract: Quantum of Shale Round the Tracks By Jeff Scott
  • The First League Meeting in London By Robert J. Rogers
  • Angling Golf Cricket...Speedway! By Graham Cooke
  • The Very Last of the Leg Trailers By Tony Webb
  • A Special Programme and a Speedway Supporter By Dudley Jones
  • Missing Britain? By Steve Quarterman
  • Rye House 1934 By Mark Dell
  • The Winged Wheel
  • Eating Dust - Bringing Speedway to the Big Screen
  • Ever Decreasing Circles - A Rider's View By Colin Richardson
  • The Pre-War Lions By Robert J. Rogers
  • Ever Decreasing Circles By Ken Nicholson
  • Sim Speedway Update - April 2009
  • Rye House Origins By John Hyam
  • The Dossier: When Havvy Ruled the World
  • Teams for the Fans and for the Future of Speedway? By Dudley Jones
  • USA National Speedway on TV
  • Duncan On Ice By Bobby Duncan
  • Afternoon By David Walsh
  • Milton Keynes...The Last Season
  • More Museums? By Paul Houghton
  • Niall Strudwick - My 2008
  • Feedback Special
  • Sim Speedway
  • Help Us to Help the Kids By Marcus Williams
  • Fear and Loathing at Love Street By John Callaghan
  • The Top 20 in '69


  • Newport / SGP by Dudley Jones
  • The Night I Met Ivan By Bill Elliott
  • The Numbers Game By Dave Green
  • More on Middleton
  • Methanol Press Caption Competition
  • The Great Yarmouth Speedway Day 2009
  • SGP Needs a Revamp By Geoffrey Langley
  • We Had Joy We Had Fun By Arnie Gibbons
  • Faith Restored by Bydogoszcz By Dave Green
  • More on the Complete A-Z
  • Recapturing Past Glories By John Hyam
  • Book Review: Out of the Frying Pan
  • Hooked at last - one reluctant TV viewer By Philip Dalling
  • Book Extract: Warzone Speedway By Trevor Davies
  • A Rather Special Evening By Dudley Jones
  • Opening Nights: West Ham
  • Value for Money? By Andy Gallon
  • The Long Eaton Reunion By Simon Stanley
  • Book Extract: Concrete for Breakfast
  • Meeting Briggo By Harry Ward
  • Book Extract: Tears and Glory The Winged Wheel Story By Arnie Gibbons
  • Johno's Testimonial By Harry Ward
  • Catching Up With....Retro Speedway
  • We can all have a beer afterwards! An Interview with Steve Johnston
  • An Interview With...Stephen Waller
  • Bobby is Back on a Bike!
  • Eddie Rigg's Lifeline By Trish Gorman
  • It's Not an Easy Job! By Paul Houghton
  • Catching Up With...The Blunsdon Blog
  • Catching Up With...Mike Bennett
  • Proof Positive of Upcoming Disaster By Bill Gilliham
  • Dennis Jenkins By Philip Dalling
  • The Bond Has Gone By Dave Green
  • Opening Nights: Hampden Park
  • Niall Strudwick...My Story so Far
  • Speedway Track Videos
  • Collier's Comeback
  • Whatever Happened to Tracy Bray?
  • Some Thoughts on the Future By Ivor Craine
  • Book Extract: Fay Taylour - Queen of Speedway By Brian Belton
  • 2008 Toronto Motorcycle Show By David Hensby
  • A Trip to the Eastern States By Steve Harland


  • On The Blog
  • Craven Shield Needs a Revamp By Keith Butler
  • Christmas Gift Ideas for 2007
  • American Test Riders of '51 By Cary Cotterman
  • Having a Skid at Scunny By Martin Mauger
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice If.....
  • An Interview With...Lee Dunton
  • Book Review: Wheels and Deals
  • Special Events at West Ham By Ted Breed
  • Enjoying the Greenfield Experience Philip Dalling
  • Video Killed the Live Updater? By Dave Green
  • From Behind the Iron Curtain By Robert J. Rogers
  • GP's the future is rosy? By Charles McKay
  • Was Dublin First? By George P Kearns
  • The Cost of Watching Speedway
  • And then rain stopped play... By Graham Cooke
  • Why Do They Ignore the Young? By David Hensby
  • The First Team Match? By Robert J. Rogers
  • Paper View By Philip Dalling
  • An Interview with Kenny Taylor
  • Your Shout: Oxford and the Implications - Part Two
  • Your Shout: Oxford and the Implications
  • Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker
  • One Flew Over the Safety Fence
  • Can Speedway Afford to Continue?
  • An Interview with Martin Dugard
  • Fences - Time for Action By Steven Quarterman 24/05/2007
  • Open letter: Off-Road Vehicle (Registration) Bill.
  • Where are You? By David Walsh
  • Live "Dead in the Water" Speedway Meeting By Jeff Scott
  • The AA to ZZ of Speedway
  • An Interview with Neil Middleditch by Alex Raby
  • Jawa Restoration
  • Attention All Speedway Promoters By Robert J. Rogers
  • Premier League Preview 2007
  • Video: Writer in Residence
  • Elite League Preview 2007
  • Bandits in The Lough By David Walsh
  • Stalls at the Start
  • Interview: Olly Allen By Alex Raby
  • Paul Emmick's Point of View - 8th February 2007
  • An Interview with... Tony McDonald from Backtrack


  • For the benefit of.... By Dave Green
  • Behind the Scenes at the 2005 Brighton Bonanza By Jeff Scott
  • Opening Nights: Arena Essex
  • Playing One Off Against the Other by Ken Nicholson
  • Speedway's Grand Slam By Tracy Holmes
  • An Alternative GP System by Keith Butler
  • Interview: Jim McMillan
  • A Trip Up North By Harry Ward
  • Sport of the 500s By Jeff Scott
  • The Matt Read Farewell Meeting By Ian Belcher
  • The Birth of the Glasgow Tigers By Ian Hoskins
  • Opening Nights: Powderhall
  • Happy Havvy
  • Let's See the Bee! By Dudley Jones
  • An interview with: Dr. Brian Belton
  • In it to win it! by Ken Nicholson
  • Book Extract: Showered in Shale By Jeff Scott
  • Praise for the Promoters by Dave Green
  • The Doctor Shows the Way by Ken Nicholson
  • The Class of 1992
  • Who is Ian Hoskins?
  • Speedway's Second Coming by Chris Seaward
  • Harry the Swede By Dave Gifford
  • Liverpool Speedway by Richard Austin
  • Craven and the Chads by Don Maddocks
  • Grabbing the Headlines by Dave Green
  • The Matt Read Farewell Meeting By Ian Belcher
  • The Pain of the Rain by Chris Seaward
  • Grand Prix Countries 2006 by Chris Seaward
  • In His Own Words... Jason Crump on the GP
  • Grand Prix Preview 2006 by Chris Seaward
  • The Bears Are Back!
  • The Cardinal Takes a Bride By Ian Hoskins
  • Speedway in March?
  • Book Extract: A World of My Own By Jason Crump and Martin Rogers
  • Northern Soul Revival
  • They Called Me Darling! by Dave Gifford
  • An Introduction to Friends of Speedway
  • A sport of speed and exhilaration....by David Hensby
  • Premier League Preview 2006
  • Kevin Little - Northern Soul
  • Elite League Preview 2006
  • Running for Cover by Chris Seaward
  • Russell Paine Writes
  • Jason Crump: A World of My Own
  • Hackney to Gdansk then to Leszno back to Gdansk then to Poole
  • Rules are made to be forgotten
  • Reg Fearman : Right of Reply
  • Calling All Angelz


  • A Year in Summary : 2005
  • Entering the Dragons' Den by Dave Green
  • Venue Menu by Chris Seaward
  • Book Extract: Sliding into Hell By John Berry
  • Sliding Into Hell
  • American Champions Gathering
  • Together in Electric Dreams
  • Pre-War France by Maciej Wegrzyn
  • Keep it Simple by Chris Seaward
  • Clubs in Crisis
  • Speedway? by Chris Seaward
  • Here to Help by Dave Green
  • Big City Speedway by Philip Dalling
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....The Workington Tigers
  • An interview with....Reg Fearman
  • Tall Tales from the Shale
  • Speedway Needs the Cities by Robert J.Rogers....
  • The Lokeren Disaster of 1970
  • The Polish Perspective by Chris Seaward
  • A Clear Response to Dangerous Riding By Rod Young
  • The Talented Mr. Lindback by Chris Seaward
  • A Reward for the Ratings? by Chris Seaward....
  • The Family Sport by Rod Young
  • Golden Memories: A Day at Thornton Road by Steve Trickett
  • Workington '81 - Bagley's Gamble
  • Grand Prix Preview 2005 - Part 2 by Chris Seaward
  • Grand Prix Preview 2005 - Part 1 by Chris Seaward
  • Time to copy speedway USA style....by Harry Ward
  • One Eye on the Ball by Chris Seaward....
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Scunthorpe Speedway
  • Premier League Preview 2005
  • Elite League Preview 2005
  • The Prospects for 2005 by Chris Seaward....
  • A History of Long Eaton Speedway
  • Conference Constraints - A Different View
  • Conference Constraints - Doomed to Failure
  • T2TV - 'Days Gone By' video series
  • Conference Constraints - Doomed to Failure....by Dave Green
  • Ron Johnson - Fallen Idol....by John Hyam


  • Long Eaton Update by John Bailey
  • A Year in Summary : 2004
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Skegness Speedway
  • Crayford Kestrels 65 - Workington Comets 12
  • The Conference Report?
  • The New Scunthorpe - First Impressions By Steve Harland
  • No Defence if there's no Fence?....by Dave Green
  • T2TV - Exclusive Video Offer
  • Lokeren....by Harry Ward
  • Hammer Time....By Gordon Parkins
  • We Shall Remember...by Paul Parish
  • Lokeren....by Robert J. Rogers
  • Speedway's Youngest Ever Captain
  • When the Rangers Roared....by John Hyam
  • Promoting in Shelbourne....by Stuart Cosgrave
  • An interview with....Mike Bennett
  • Tiddler's Trip to Hospital....by Chris Gosling
  • We are the Champions?....by Dave Green
  • Flashback....September 1999
  • Re-Admission and Doctors....by Harry Ward
  • Five Years of Speedway Plus
  • Flashback....March 1999
  • A Tribute to Ken McKinlay....by Paul Goodwin
  • Flashback....May 1967
  • Inside Story : Elfield Park
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....The Barrow Blackhawks
  • The Linlithgow Story
  • A Matter of Opinion....Jan Staechmann....24/01/2004
  • A Matter of Opinion....Tommy Murdoch....17/01/2004
  • A Matter of Opinion....Tony Fletcher....11/01/2004
  • The 2004 Rule Book


  • A Year in Summary : 2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....John Nethercott....01/10/2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....Reuben Turner....02/08/2003
  • The Weymouth Wildcats
  • A Matter of Opinion....Brian Smith....07/06/2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....Andy Taylor....23/05/2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....Martyn Cornwell....03/05/2003
  • Flashback....March 1995
  • A Matter of Opinion....Mark Ramsey....30/03/2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....John Strudwick....22/02/2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....Steve Rayner....10/02/2003
  • A Matter of Opinion....Ron McNeil....01/03/2003
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Cowdenbeath Speedway

    1999 - 2002

  • Flashback....August 1987
  • A Year in Summary : 2002
  • Speedway on Screen
  • Welcome Back Wimbledon
  • New Tracks for 1970
  • Western Springs 68-69 By Mike Hendry
  • The Office
  • Scotland - State of the Nation
  • Veterans Tour of South Africa
  • Do You Remember ? - Part Two by Derek Watson
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Rob Hollingworth
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Tony Rickardsson
  • Glory Days Return to Brough Park
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....The Berwick Bandits
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....The Conference League
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Ian Thomas
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Martin Dugard
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Michael Coles
  • The Non-Essential Guide to....Neil Collins
  • Remembering Liverpool Pirates By Richard Austin
  • Caption Competition : When Kirsty Met Lukas
  • Happy Days at Hackney....By Jon Potter
  • Glasgow Tigers - Team of the Nineties
  • King Cinder
  • Middlesbrough - Still Hard to Bear
  • The Return of the Gunners
  • Edinburgh Monarchs - Team of the Nineties by J.P.McSeveney
  • Brafield-on-the-Green
  • Middlesbrough the Best Best....By Steve Harland
  • A Barracuda Bites Back....By Andrew Taylor
  • Speedway Acronyms
  • A Matter of Opinion....Derek Watson....19/05/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Frank Thomas....05/06/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Lawrence Hughes....14/04/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Mick Ibbotson....29/07/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Roger Thomas....01/03/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Sarah Regan....12/05/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Tony Stanley....08/09/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Alan Robins....17/03/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Brian Forrest....03/07/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....Calum Macaulay....09/03/2002
  • A Matter of Opinion....David Crane....24/03/2002

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