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The Internationale 1980
By Tracy Holmes

The Penthouse Pets were on parade for the 20th Internationale running, brought to you by Embassy, Number 1, the best in King Size smoking. And Dave Jessup emphatically scorched to a wonderful Wimbledon 15 point maximum.

As Philip Rising reported in 'Speedway Star', 'He was never headed and didn't have a serious challenger.'

Speedway's Golden Eagle, Bruce Penhall shone brightly in second place and Hans Nielsen continued his steady rise. For the only Kiwi rep, Larry Ross, it was yet again just not a happening gig.

More from Philip Rising:

'As usual the tight Wimbledon track produced some tremendous races with Hans Nielsen and Zenon Plech providing good entertainment. Chris Morton, who seems to have taken over the mantle of England's most spectacular racer from Peter Collins, also warmed the crowd but the immaculate Jessup was a cut above the rest. It is a pity that what was once such a superlative event has been consistently devalued over the years, with Ole Olsen and Ivan Mauger other notable absentees.'

Oh yes, the writing was on the Wimbledon wall.


Heat 1. Lee, Nielsen, Penhall, Jancarz.
Heat 2. Jessup, Kennett, Plech, Muts.
Heat 3. Petersen, ROSS, Schwartz, Niemi.
Heat 4. C Morton, Autrey, Collins, Sanders.
Heat 5. Niemi, C Morton, Lee. Muts ret
Heat 6. Penhall, Plech, ROSS, Sanders.
Heat 7. Jessup, Schwartz, Jancarz, Autrey.
Heat 8. Petersen, Nielsen, Kennett, Collins.
Heat 9. Plech, Schwartz, Collins, Lee.
Heat 10. Penhall, Autrey, Petersen, Muts.
Heat 11. Kennett, Niemi, Sanders, Jancarz.
Heat 12. Jessup, Nielsen, C Morton, ROSS.
Heat 13. Jessup, Lee, Petersen, Sanders.
Heat 14. Penhall, Schwartz, Kennett, C Morton.
Heat 15. Jancarz, Collins, ROSS, Muts.
Heat 16. Autrey, Nielsen, Plech, Niemi.
Heat 17. Lee, Autrey, Kennett, ROSS.
Heat 18. Jessup, Penhall, Collins, Niemi.
Heat 19. C Morton, Plech, Jancarz, Petersen.
Heat 20. Nielsen, Schwartz, Richardon, Muts. Sanders ns


Dave Jessup 15. Bruce Penhall 12. Hans Nielsen 11. Chris Morton 9. Mike Lee 9. Scott Autrey 9. Zenon Plech 9. Bobby Schwatrz 9. Bo Petersen 8. Gordon Kennett 8. Kai Niemi 5. Edward Jancarz 5. Peter Collins 5. LARRY ROSS 4. Billy Sanders 1. Res Colin Richardson 1. Res Rudy Muts 0. John Davis Q inj ns. John Louis Q ns. Jan Andersson Q ns.


This article was first published on 31st May 2020

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