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Soundbites: 15th April 2006


"We knew King's Lynn were good round their own track, but not quite that good. They got a tonking the night before and we felt the backlash of it. Chris Kerr rode well but I might have expected both him and Gary to have scored two or three points more."
Brian Havelock on Redcar's 70-22 defeat at King's Lynn

"It is a very tight league this season We lost at Peterborough by 17 points and it dropped us three points down the table on race difference. The bonus points are going to be so vital. It is a pity we lost at home to Reading, but apart from that, we have done okay and there is a long way to go."
Ipswich boss Mike Smillie

"I really believe the side can only improve as the summer progresses and I expect us to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. Last night's victory over Carmarthen was a very good result again. Although it was only a challenge match, it just shows what we can do to the rest of the league."
Plymouth promoter Mike Bowden

"I don't want to fall out with anyone, but I need a bit of stability in my career now, otherwise it is never going to progress. This is the fourth season I have been based over here and I'm still really looking to set roots down. Glasgow haven't been able to fit me in on a couple of occasions and I wasn't at all pleased with what went on over the last winter. They kept me on hold for months and in the end told me they were going other ways and couldn't fit me in. By then, all the other clubs were up and running and I was left on the sidelines again."
Stoke's Trent Leverington

"King's Lynn are a very good side - some are tipping them to win the league - but we really took them apart and I think we've shown in our last two matches that we ourselves have designs on that title."
Jason Doyle on the Islanders' 64-32 win over the Stars

"My right wrist is still very swollen and badly bruised after I fell in the European Grand Prix at Wroclaw. I was racing on Sunday in Poland and I just couldn't feel my wrist properly because it is my clutch hand. I also couldn't hold the handlebars properly. The doctors have said I just need to take a few days off to rest my wrist so that the swelling can come down. I don't like to miss league matches, you never do, but I need a few days rest because if I carried on riding I would only make the injury worse."
Bjarne Pedersen

"It was a really good showing by the guys who raised their game. It was tough with no Renat or Lee but everyone rode well and we got an unbelievable result. Hopefully we can go on from here."
Leigh Adams on Swindon's 56-39 win over Coventry on Thursday

"I'm still very happy with my form. I have to keep pinching myself as I think I must be dreaming because I've never ridden this well in my life."
Peterborough's Jesper B. Jensen

"It was a good and very big win for the team. I didn't ever think we'd win the meeting by that margin and I'm really happy with how things are going. Lynn is a well prepared track and one of the quickest in England and my set-up was good tonight. I'm enjoying my time here. There's a lot of good people around and the team spirit here is unbelievable."
Daniel Nermark on King's Lynn's slaughtering of Redcar Bears

"I had one problem after another with my own bikes as they both ceased up. But the lads rallied round to help and I had to be happy with nine points in the circumstances."
Joe Screen after the Aces won at Oxford

"Riders were falling all over the shop - it wasn't pretty."
Glasgow manager Stewart Dickson on their trip to Redcar

"I just wish some of the team would try as hard as I am here. It's very frustrating and some of the performances was just gutless tonight. I'm shattered."
Oxford boss Aaron Lanney after the Cheetahs slumped to another home defeat

"It's slightly unfair on me and William (Lawson). The heat leaders are at one, two and five so we are stuck without a heat leader in our race. So we have to stand up and beat all the other heat leaders. It is quite tough, but we always get in there and try our best."
Edinburgh's Matthew Wethers

"Well we just scraped that one! The fight and keenness to win seemed lacking tonight, but I'm sure it will return soon to put disappointments like tonight well back in the memories."
Peter Waite on Berwick's 46-44 win over Stoke

"It was just nice to get through to the semi-final because that's what I had been looking for. It's good that two other British riders also got through. I was also told that I'll be riding for Great Britain Under-21s in the World Cup, so that's something else to look forward."
James Wright on his progression in the Under 21 World Championship

"He's in great form and so determined. There are only four or five blokes in the World championship Grand Prix field who have half a chance, or even a quarter of a chance, of beating Jason to the title."
Ian Thomas on Jason Crump


This article was first published on 15th May 2006

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