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Soundbites: 17th May 2005


"It was a disgrace. After all the trauma of waiting about for an hour or so and the referee wanting to get on with the meeting, it was outrageous that it should end as it did. Eastbourne were pushing for the match to start and I give them full marks for the effort they put in. But once we gained a 5-1 in the first race, all of a sudden they wanted it off."
John Louis on last night's Sky match

"I can't explain how we have picked up away wins at Workington and Exeter while losing matches at home. It's a crazy situation, but all the team were on fire against Exeter. It shows the ability we have in the side and now we have to keep it going."
Newport boss Neil Street on their surprise victory at the County Ground last night

"I wasn't happy with my bikes early on and changed halfway through. The track changed a lot as the meeting went on. My draw in the final wasn't the best, but I had no choice."
Crumpy on his GP win at Eskilstuna

"It was a disappointing result, but we were completely scuppered by not being able to use rider replacement. It is an ambiguous rule and unfortunately the management committee took a different view to us. I didn't anticipate any problems and the referee initially agreed. But when Newport complained, which they are entitled to do, the ruling from the two officials was that we couldn't use it."
Exeter promoter David Short - Angry that he couldn't use R/R for Ray Morton last night. Morton has not yet made his Falcons debut.

"I am very, very happy to be back at Peterborough. It is great to be part of a good team and I think we can win things. Peterborough have started the season very well and I have tried to help them even more. It is clear that the team this year is much better than last season when we had a really tough time. I think I am on the way back to my best, but I know I am not there yet. My confidence is coming back and I hope I can get better at Peterborough."
Lukas Dryml

"I am not about to change my initial target in the GP this year because you are up against the best riders in the world and they are all good. I can only try my best and, hopefully, I can finish in the top 10 like I said I wanted to do before the start of the season. If I manage to do that, I will be happy."
Antonio Lindback keeping his feet on the ground

"My shoulder is feeling stronger every day and I can't wait to get racing again. If everything goes to plan I hope to make my return next Wednesday."
Oliver Allen

"I'm ecstatic. We had very few wins last year and now we have won both of our first two league matches. Let's keep it going!"
George English on Newcastle's shock win at Reading

"It was good out there and up against Tony and Jason, you know you are not going to be given an easy race. But I tried my best and at least third place is a better result than only four points in Wroclaw two weeks ago. I still haven't put my finger on precisely what the problem was there, but I am not going to dwell on that. Instead I intend to build on this result."
Bjarne Pedersen on his third place in Sweden

"I'll definitely be riding. I feel fine. I've dislocated my shoulder a few times, I'm not in any pain. The medical staff took me to the ambulance and pushed my shoulder back into place. They told me I'll be fine to ride this week, which I'm glad about. It is vital we start our league campaign with a full team to give us a chance of a good home win."
Theo Pijper of Edinburgh

"We've released Billy after a lot of thinking, and he is now free to go and ride elsewhere. We just feel that Lukas has done more than enough to justify his place in the team. I'm not sure how fit Billy is, and we gave Lukas the chance and said that it was up to him to make it hard for us to drop him at the end of the month."
Trevor Swales explains why Peterborough have dropped Billy Janniro

"Newport weren't very happy about letting Ashley stay with us, but we managed to reach an agreement with them. Ashley is very consistent, both home and away, and is a nice lad to have in the pits."
Buster Chapman on the extension of Ashley's Jones loan deal with King's Lynn

"I knew before the first heat it was going to be a tough match for us. Armadale are a strong Conference side, but we just made it so much more difficult for ourselves by not finishing some of the races. It shouldn't be happening if we get the bikes ready properly, and we certainly can't afford to let it happen again. We have got some hard work in the pits ahead to get the bikes prepared for the next meeting."
Scunthorpe boss Kenny Smith on their home draw on Sunday

"Cameron is a rider whose head needs to be right. Hopefully he can ride through this current bad spell and come out stronger on the other side. His trouble is he cannot make starts and panics."
Edinburgh promoter Alex Harkess on Cameron Woodward

"We held them really well early on and it was only after heat 14 that they ensured victory. In that respect, we did a decent job and gained something out of it by picking up the bonus point, but it is a bit frustrating to think that with just a few more points here and there and we might have won ourselves."
Stoke manager John Adams on their 51-42 defeat at Berwick


This article was first published on 17th May 2005

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