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The Golden Hammer - 1978
By Tracy Holmes and Steve Baker

July 26. 1978. Here is how Steve Johnson saw it for Speedway Star; "Exeter's American ace Scott Autrey showed he will be a real threat in the World Final by carrying off the Golden Hammer Trophy in front of Dudley Wood's biggest crowd of the season. Autrey was relegated to a second place in the opening race but then added four tremendous victories to finish a point clear of British Champion Mike Lee. In fact, it was Lee who beat the American in Heat 1, in a time of 65.4 seconds, equalling the track record set up by Ole Olsen a year ago."

The lone Kiwi LARRY ROSS, did what he was so good at. Making huge waves by winning three heats but not firing in the other two. Ten points was still pretty impressive all the same.

Heat 1. Lee, Autrey, Phil Collins, Wyer.
Heat 2. Peter Collins, Penhall, McMillan, Kennett.
Heat 3. Bastable, Crump, Olsen, Herne.
Heat 4. Davis, Al Grahame, Boulger, ROSS.
Heat 5. Autrey, Herne, Boulger. Penhall f/ex
Heat 6. Peter Collins, Phil Collins, Crump. Davis ef
Heat 7. Olsen Kennett, Al Grahame. Wyer ef
Heat 8. ROSS, Bastable, Lee, McMillan.
Heat 9. Autrey, Peter Collins, ROSS. Olsen ef
Heat 10. Bastable, Al Grahame, Penhall, Phil Collins.
Heat 11. Davis, Wyer, McMillan, Herne.
Heat 12. Lee, Kennett, Praestbro, Boulger. Crump ex/2 mins
Heat 13. Autrey, Kennett, Davis, Bastable.
Heat 14. Olsen, Phil Collins, McMillan, Boulger.
Heat 15. ROSS, Penhall, Wyer, Crump.
Heat 16. Lee, Peter Collins, Al Grahame, Herne.
Heat 17. Autrey, Al Grahame, Crump, McMillan.
Heat 18. ROSS, Kennett, Herne, Phil Collins.
Heat 19. Boulger, Peter Collins, Wyer. Bastable f/ex
Heat 20. Lee, Penhall, Olsen, Davis.

Scott Autrey 14. Mike Lee 13. Peter Collins 12. LARRY ROSS 10. Gordon Kennett 8. Ole Olsen 8. Steve Bastable 8. Alan Grahame 8. Bruce Penhall 7. John Davis 7. Phil Collins 5. John Boulger 5. Doug Wyer 4. Phil Crump 4. Jim McMillan 3. Phil Herne 3. Res Kristian Praestbro 1. Res Dave Perks dnr.


This article was first published on 27th February 2022

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