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British Speedway Memories

RETRO Speedway are appealing for Speedway Plus readers to become part of their latest project.

Later this year RS will publish a new book called BRITISH SPEEDWAY MEMORIES. As the title suggests, it will be a compilation of personal memories as recalled by those of us who have a passion for our wonderful family sport.

Publisher Tony McDonald says: "It doesn't matter which era of speedway's history you treasure most . . . whether your interest dates back to the post-war boom period or you have only been following the sport for a short while . . . we all have special moments in time and favourites we like to remember and reflect upon with nostalgic pleasure.

"All you have to do to be part of it and ensure your name is included in this highly collectable book is answer the following 10 questions and email your responses to us. If not all, then as many as you wish.

"There is no strict word limit, but anywhere between 700-50 words in total would be sufficient."

"We've already received almost 100 entries from people all over Britain, including past riders, promoters and journalists, but there is still the opportunity for others to respond before the August 31 deadline."


(Don't worry, apart from your name, RS will NOT publish your details in the actual book!)

1. Tell us about the first speedway meeting you can remember attending and what led you to go?

2. Where did/do you watch speedway most regularly?

3. What was/is your favourite away track to visit, and why?

4. Name your three most favourite (not necessarily the best) riders, and why you have chosen them?

5. Of all the meetings you have been to, do you have one memorable classic that stands out from all the rest?

6. Can you single out one particularly great race that will live longest in your memory?

7. What do you miss most about speedway past?

8. What, if anything, would you like to see reintroduced to speedway today?

9. What is your favourite memory you take from speedway?

10. Whether you used to attend speedway meeting or still do so today, describe what makes speedway so special to you?

Email your answers to Tony Mac at editorial@retro-speedway.com before August 31st, 2013.


This article was first published on 11th August 2013

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