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Soundbites: 9th July 2005


"It was very, very horrific, I was sitting on the wall and as soon as I saw what was happening I turned away. I knew straight away from the angle of the bike, and the speed, it was going to be a bad one, particularly given Mildenhall's safety fence."
Craig Branney on Joel Parson's crash

"It is ligament damage and the specialist says rest is the only cure. There is still quite a bit of swelling and I will see how it feels at the end of the week. The fact it is a Monday meeting rather than our usual Sunday gives me another 24 hours before making a decision."
Christian Henry on his knee injury

"I am still waiting to hear back, so I can't say anything for certain at the moment. I just don't know. It is just a matter of taking things day by day and I can't say much more than that."
Danny Bird - Still waiting on a definite comeback date

"Considering we were up against it from the start with just six riders, it was a lot closer than the last time we were there and when we led 29-25 after heat nine, I thought we were going to nick it".
Ian Thomas on Belle Vue's defeat at Peterborough

"Everything was all right with me after my injury, and I was happy to be back riding for Poole again. Then everything went wrong in the last race. I had won four races on my new engine, which had cost me £2,500, then it packed up and we don't know why. There must be something wrong inside the engine and I'll have to get my father Zenon to look at it. It was a great shame because I was going for a maximum and we were also trying to stretch our lead before we go to Wolves in the return."
Krzysztof Kasprzak after Poole's home victory over Wolves

"I can confirm that a meeting took place regarding the future of Coventry. The permanent transfers of Scott Nicholls from Ipswich to Coventry and Lee Richardson from Coventry to Swindon have now been completed. I can also confirm that a new team line-up declared by Coventry has been approved with the inclusion of Joonas Kylmakorpi. All parties are now pleased that a positive outcome has been reached and we can all look ahead to the rest of the season."
BSPA Chairman Peter Toogood

"I've been speaking to Garry on a daily basis and he took a turn for the worse last weekend. He got to the stage where he could hardly bend down. He's got compression of a lower vertebra and badly bruised kidneys. He was racing while he had bad hayfever and he's got bronchitis as well. I've known Garry to race when he's had some really bad injuries, so for him to be out this length of time he really must be bad. Fingers crossed he'll be fit again for next week."
Paul Hodder on Garry Stead

"It was a good team performance tonight and I'm very pleased. I'd like to give a little mention to Seb Alden because he performed really well and picked up a good total, But you look at the others and can say that Charlie Gjedde did well for us and Lee Richardson was outstanding. There should be a little bit of praise for him as well because there have been some minor criticisms that he has `GP-itis' and things like that. But I think he deserves special praise tonight."
Alun Rossiter - Delighted with Swindon's win over Arena

"The British title is something I always try and win. To win your national championship is something every rider should aim for."
Joe Screen - Hoping to retain the British Championship

"Watt and Kasprzak have both made massive strides forward, as has Lindgren, but Ales is right up there with them in terms of improvement. He is having a great season and I believe he has the ability to go all the way to the semi-finals in Prague. There is no way Ales will just be making up the numbers."
Trevor Swales has confidence that Ales Dryml will do well as the GP wildcard

"Unfortunately, I've recently lost my sponsor who also employed me and provided me with a workshop. He told me I had to choose between work and speedway. Well I'm here to ride speedway. So now Phil Crump is doing my engines. But, with his son Jason riding in the GPs, it's hard to organise things and I felt the stress kick in over the past fortnight. I also bought a brand new engine which cost nearly £3000 and it turned out not to work! I also cracked a rod even though that particular motor had just received a service. You could say I am not having a great time of it at the moment. "
Rusty Harrison explains his recent loss of form

"They are certainly a side to be taken seriously. George Stancl and Shane Parker are two of the best heat leaders in the business, and Parker recently showed how much character he has by coming back from a collarbone injury after just a couple of weeks. They are class riders, and if the others get going we are in for a tough time."
Dave Tattum - Wary of Glasgow who visit Stoke tonight


This article was first published on 9th July 2005

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