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The Embassy Internationale, 'Number 1 Extra Mild low tar with real taste' took place on May 28 and Speedway's Crown Prince, Mike Lee gave one of THE most impressive performances of his career, walking off with Title and prizes as cool as a walk in the Wimbledon Common. He was quite happy to drop a point to Ole Olsen in Round 5.

Almost as impressive was John Davis who recovered from a third place first time out with 4 straight wins. And former winner, Wimbledon's own Edward Jancarz didn't let anyone down either.

Disaster for the World Champion Ole Olsen, with 3 little ducks, all in a row. But instead off packing up in disgust, he struck back and restored a measure of pride with 2 wins. Another two favourites, Peter Collins and Dave Jessup had nights to forget and the lone Kiwi, home track star Larry Ross, started well but just as quickly faded into the shadows.


Heat 1. Crump, Penhall, Simmons, Collins.
Heat 2. Louis, Jancarz, Kennett, Olsen.
Heat 3. Lee, Niemi, Davis, Nielsen.
Heat 4. ROSS, Sanders, Jessup, Andersson.
Heat 5. Davis, Kennett, Crump, Andersson.
Heat 6. Lee, Jancarz, Jessup, Penhall.
Heat 7. Simmons, Nielsen, ROSS, Louis.
Heat 8. Sanders, Collins, Niemi, Olsen.
Heat 9. Nielsen, Jancarz, Crump, Sanders.
Heat 10. Penhall, Niemi, Kennett, ROSS.
Heat 11. Davis, Simmons, Jessup, Olsen.
Heat 12. Lee, Andersson, Collins, Louis.
Heat 13. Louis, Crump, Jessup, Niemi.
Heat 14. Olsen, Penhall, Andersson. Nielsen fall/ex
Heat 15. Lee, Kennett, Simmons, Sanders.
Heat 16. Davis, Jancarz, ROSS, Collins.
Heat 17. Olsen, Lee, ROSS, Crump.
Heat 18. Davis, Penhall, Sanders, Louis.
Heat 19. Jancarz, Johns, Simmons, Niemi. Andersson ns
Heat 20. Kennett, Johns, Jessup, Nielsen. Collins ns


Mike Lee 14. John Davis 13. Edward Jancarz 11. Bruce Penhall 9. Gordon Kennett 9. Malcolm Simmons 8. Phil Crump 7. John Louis 6. Ole Olsen 6. LARRY ROSS 6. Billy Sanders 6. Hans Nielsen 5. Kai Niemi 5. Dave Jessup 5. Res Roger Johns 4. Jan Andersson 3. Peter Collins 3. Res Rudy Muts dnr. Scott Autrey Q ns.


This article was first published on 24th May 2020

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