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Soundbites: 10th April 2006


"Mark is a real team man and a very good person to have in your team. We talk a lot, he is always helpful. He is just perfect for the team and I really enjoy racing with him."
Piotr Protasiewicz on Mark Loram

"I don't know what we have done to deserve this but it is getting to the stage where fellow promoters are dreading the thought of Newcastle coming to their track - and not just because we have a terrific top three in George Stancl, James Grieves and Josef Franc either."
George English on the weather

"We had a full-scale practice on Monday, in race conditions, and that helped the lads especially one or two of them who hadn't been totally confident. I had expected us to see off Rye House, but not by such a large margin."
KIng's Lynn boss Rob Lyon after they defeated Rye House 65-28

"That's a huge confidence booster for me. That's probably one of my best races since my injury last year. My confidence is definitely progressing. I feel like a snowball - just getting bigger and bigger!"
Billy Hamill after scoring a dozen at Eastbourne

"I understand Benji wanting to ride in the Premier League to further his career but there is always a knock-on effect when he gets injured. There is not a lot we can do but we have to pick up the pieces."
Rod Godfrey of Scunny bemoans Benji Compton's wrist injury

"The bonus point got a bit close for comfort but Leigh and Lee saw us home. We were okay early on but the track did not help us. It has not recovered from the Sky meeting and there was only one racing line out wide. It was probably the worst it has been all season but the track staff now have time to work on it and get an inside line again we want it back to like it was at the start of the season."
Alun Rossiter after the Robins home win over Poole on Thursday

"It's been difficult to find a pattern in the two meetings we have raced so far this year because track and weather conditions have been so different. We are all hoping for drier weather after last weekend. Once the weather and track conditions even out a bit, you can set your bike up and leave it alone pretty much."
Michael Coles of Stoke

"It was a much better display tonight. I was so pleased for Eric Andersson, he is going to be a master stroke for us when he can drop down to reserve. I thought I had got Australian rider Cameron Woodward on the dotted line, but he was going to come on an assessed average, so that has fallen through."
Oxford promoter Aaron Lanney - The Cheetahs actually lost 42-47 at home to Peterborough

"I am feeling very comfortable at the moment. I am still trying out different things on my bike and I feel there is still room for improvement. But right now I am simply enjoying myself at being back in the Monarchs team."
Edinburgh's Derek Sneddon

"To get a rider of Richard's calibre and experience at such short notice is fantastic. We are very grateful to him for helping us out. Richard is a rider I admire enormously. He was so seriously injured in a track crash some years ago that he was given the last rites. The courage he showed to recover from that and to resume riding competitively was outstanding."
Gareth Rogers pays tribute to temporary Redcar signing Dickie Juul

"Beating Tony Rickardsson is not something I will get excited about because I have done it before on a number of occasions. Tony is obviously a legend in speedway, but I have always believed I am capable of defeating both him and the other top riders in the world. All I am concerned about is being the captain of a successful team here at Peterborough and our first away victory means far more than any personal achievements."
Hans Andersen on the Panthers' win at Oxford on Wednesday

"Glasgow are a good team and for us to beat them twice, home and away, shows that we are getting something right. It was very satisfying that six of our seven riders all had at least one win in each of the two meetings. The other pleasing thing is that we are getting different people doing the top-scoring - James Wright, Aidan Collins and Garry Stead have all had a turn at the top of our score charts this season."
Workington's Graham Drury

"There's no point in being in any sort of competition if you're not aiming to win it. We've been written off in many quarters already but that suits us down to the ground, as it puts no pressure on our young side. I guarantee you that no one at this club intends to see us being also-rans this year and we're out to shock a few people."
Islanders' boss Dave Pavitt - Still optimistic


This article was first published on 10th April 2006

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