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Soundbites: 18th September 2006


"The writer suggested the name Venegas to me, claiming he was doing well in the States and was keen to ride in Britain again. He was simply searching for a story. I don't see Venegas as the type of rider we want. We are looking for someone who has experience of the Premier League tracks we visit."
Edinburgh promoter Alex Harkess denies any interest in Charlie Venegas

"Eric has made a commitment to Oxford and British speedway this year, not like some riders, who pick and choose their meetings. He is still finding his way round here, but he is going to be a very good rider, I think we can all see that. I'm sure he will be the first name on the team sheet for 2007."
Oxford boss Aaron Lanney on Eric Andersson

"I'm talking to another promoter about one of his assets at the moment. Furthermore, I don't foresee a problem with that team place because I know the rider would like to come. We have done it the right way. We have spoken to his club first."
Matt Ford on talk of a high-profile arrival at Poole

"It was all doom and gloom at the time. I am very passionate about the club and found it difficult to take. It couldn't have been more frustrating and it even crossed my mind about resigning. However, Poole and Team GB boss Neil Middleditch called me out of the blue to offer his encouragement and told me not to let it get me down. He said that all managers go through rough patches and that it would come right if I kept my head up and strived to go forwards."
Alun Rossiter reflects on Swindon's troubled early season

"It was a great performance and we'll be full of confidence. I was delighted with my score and the team is going really well. We are really looking forward to the play-offs."
Emiliano Sanchez on Sheffield's massive home win over Mildenhall

"I think we are more than capable of doing well against Elite League clubs, squad for squad, on our own track. We've got one of the strongest teams we've had here for many years so with that in mind I'm offering any Elite League clubs the chance to come on and take us on here."
King's Lynn promoter Jonathon Chapman

"It was a stunning effort by my team. Everything seemed to go against us."
George English. The Diamonds grabbed the bonus at Edinburgh despite losing two riders to injury during the meeting.

"It was busy. When I got back from Russia I had been up for 23 hours and that was a long day but I really enjoyed it. Togliatti were very pleased and we are talking about taking more meetings next season, maybe four, five or six. I don't think I will be back there this year though. They wanted me to do the trip to Vladivostock but that's 10,000km from Heathrow and it would take me five days to go there and back. It's near Siberia, near China, so I won't be doing that."
Nicki Pedersen on his debut in the Russian League

"I remain doubtful as to whether everything can be sorted for next season. My experience in dealing with this council is that they are very slow, some of my letters have even been ignored. I made this second application on November 9 last year and it's now September - it's taken that long for the matter to be dealt with this time. Unless the necessary issues are finalised by this time next month then I really don't see it happening next year. I'm not going to mess the British Speedway Promoters' Association about. I have until the AGM in November to apply for league membership and I will not be seeking an extension to that deadline."
Tony Mole on the Birmingham situation

"Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I am hopeful that Adam may ride for us next season. I have spoken to his father, Chris, and there is a chance they may be moving back to Plymouth. That would be a real boost as Adam is a talented rider."
Mike Bowden hopes to capture C.L.R.C winner Adam Roynon

"I want to get him over and take a look at how he shapes up on our track, what his machinery is like and how he handles himself professionally. We are always interested to see exciting new young talent and if he shapes up, we will probably want to get a look at him again."
Graham Drury invites Danish prospect Kenneth Hansen over for an individual meeting

"Obviously we would have preferred it to have a full season of league fixtures, but this was not possible. But the Shield is a league of its own. We are committed to it and it is one of four chances we have to win something this season. The attendance last weekend against Stoke was disappointing but the Shield offers us a chance to win our first ever piece of silverware."
Rob Godfrey of Scunny talks up the Conference Shield competition

"My engine had done 25 meetings and was ready to burn out. I could feel it on the second lap I was slowing down. The tactical rides worked well for Newcastle and proved unlucky for us. Newcastle have riders who have ridden at Armadale many times and they like the track. We tried awfully hard but it just didn't work for us. Now we must look forward to facing Workington next week."
Theo Pijper on Edinburgh's match with Newcastle


This article was first published on 18th September 2006

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